20150813_175044There’s no question that where we grow up, our ‘base’ or original home town, will always have a special place within us. As humans, we are products of the environments in which we are raised, and a such we become attached to those places.

But our expanded consciousness naturally doesn’t allow for such limited views of life. Our evolved souls have come further than this, and won’t be so easily satisfied. Culturally, we accept our values as easily as we accept our own reflection in the mirror as being the real us. But when faced with a culture different from our own, our instinct is normally first to recoil and run; what is this place with their odd clothes and weird food and different feeling air?

But then we adjust, and we begin to appreciate just how beautiful places from what we’ve always known can be. Exploring and discovering new people and places opens our minds. It evolves our being on a level much higher and immersive than reading a book or watching a programme about somewhere. When we truly experience somewhere, see it through own eyes, our hearts and minds flourish.

So here I have a little mix of my own mind, heart and eye-opening travel experiences. Although I’m still yet to breathe in the Peruvian jungle air, feel the golden Mexican dust, or meditate in an authentic Tibetan temple, I’ve embraced every single trip, to the deepest depths of my heart and infinite soul.


Wet Wales and Mt. Snowdon, Snowdonia

Longing to Travel- a poem

Amsterdam- the West’s Naughty Fairytale

Ireland, Bray- Hen Weekend

Day Trip to Whitby, Yorkshire UK

Summer 2014 Festival- The Secret Garden Party


We’re not designed to stay indoors, stagnant, cooped up away from nature. So next time you’re out there, give the hills a hug.


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