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1 Week in the Jungle – Definitely Not 1 Weak Heart


Having recently spent an incredible 7 days at a detox retreat in Costa Rica, I’ve been left feeling pretty much like a ‘new’ person – Self 2.0, we could call it.

Each and every day brought a brand new adventure, and I lived in the moment as much as possible. This, along with the fact there were no clocks anywhere in the retreat centre, really helped slow down time, if not bringing it to a standstill when embracing particular beautiful moments as they happened (and it was certainly filled with an abundance of such moments).

I could talk (or type) for hours on why it was such an amazing, heart-opening, healing, consciousness-expanding, therapeutic, transformational experience. But I’ll leave some to the imagination, and some for individual posts.

For now I’ll keep it simple, and just sum up, some of the things I learned during my time in Costa Rica:

  • Walk gratefully through life, with no expectations. We can expect the best for ourselves (we deserve it), but we shouldn’t expect ‘specific’ outcomes. Have no attachments to the future.
  • Music is medicine. Vibration, tones and hertz matter – a lot.
  • Believe and know that you deserve all the good things coming your way. Know you are a Creator, and can make your dreams come true.
  • Know you are a divine creation, a being of Purity and Light. Your existence is beautiful.
  • Trust others. This one’s particularly important. It really is a powerful practice.
  • Open your heart. Allow love to pour out, and in.
  • Let go of the past.
  • Don’t look at the time too much! Live in the moment, as much as possible.

    I also fell in love, with my Self and with an Other… a feeling I’ve never truly experienced. All by having no expectations, opening my heart, accepting myself and trusting others, I allowed love to flow. And boy did it surprise me, in ways I never would have even imagined.

    I’m so grateful for my life, what this trip has offered and taught me, and for the chance to now integrate it and spread light into mine (and others’) every-day.









    Divine Devon


    This weekend I was lucky enough to bag a visit to rural county Devon, staying with my cousin and her other half in their new(ish) home. They relocated from our home town in November, and it was my first visit.

    Despite leaving loved ones behind, I can see why they easily had no regrets with their decision. Their secluded village sits atop a hill, overlooking the beautiful Devonshire countryside. Woolacombe Beach (dubbed the ‘best beach in the UK’ and I’d say easily comparable to a beach in Spain) is just an hour’s drive, and an array of other touristic gems are dotted around, an even shorter distance away.

    It’s experiences like these that remind me England isn’t the dull, grey image that a lot of us often have. It’s brimming with stunning scenery, wildlife and nature spots. At one point near a place called Castle Drogo, I couldn’t believe I was still in the UK. A giant valley filled with luscious green trees, and a convenient path that lets you admire the view from different angles, literally took my breath away.

    Fingle Bridge, Castle Drogo

    Another trip took us into the heart of a huge gorge, with gushing waterfalls and mossy trees surrounding us on upward spiraling paths.

    Lydford Gorge was around 3 miles of massive woodland, ancient tree roots underfoot and an enclosed rock cove/cavern at a spot called the Devil’s Couldron. Standing on a bridge above, you can watch the water bubble and whirlpool madly around below your feet.

    Lydford Gorge

    Amongst scrambling up rocks, hiking up steep hills and sitting on the edge of cliff faces, I found a sense of tranquility I haven’t experienced in a while. The freedom felt while trekking across fields hundreds of miles from home, from anywhere familiar, was exciting and exhilarating. Living in each moment to moment, taking it as it comes and accepting the fact that it all ‘is what it is’, was an emotional release, to say the least. The fresh air definitely went to my head.

    Dartmoor Moors

    Devon is a beautiful place and as a ‘Brit’ I feel truly blessed to know we have such serenity on our doorstep- we don’t need to skip countries to get a dose of  escapism from the everyday England we’re used to. We just need to know where to look… and the drive to want to find the rest of the hidden gems the UK has to offer.

    So much brocolli 😍

    A Hippy’s Day in Whitby


    I recently visited ‘the UK’s Goth Central’, the quaint little town of Whitby. Coaching through the Yorkshire Moors and its lashings of purple and red heather fields, I got excited. Beautiful rolling hills and endless paths and trees. Not knowing what to expect, the only reference I had to Whitby in my head was from Robert Swindells’s eerie book Room 13, which I’d read over and over as a kid. And I must say, when we arrived, I decided immediately it was a delightful place.

    The docks and beach merge peacefully, the scent of fresh fish and chips washing on to the seafront, mixing with the salty sea like an invisible enticement.

    Mindful of the giant seagulls (if they were seagulls) that might dive in at any minute, I savoured my scampi for as long as possible, before revitalising with a long awaited grounding.

    Burying your bare feet in the sand and letting the sea wash around you really is one of the best grounding practices I’ve felt. Then I got excited over a couple of tiny coves (“I’m inside Earth!”) and snuck a doobie in near some rocks. With another giant bird lingering nearby… so big I was shocked when it turned out to be a baby version.


    Walked up the 199 Steps to Whitby Abbey, and watched a 3-man (1 woman, 2 men) outdoor performance of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It actually turned in to a lot of laughter and improv from the cast, as one guy in particular (who was absolutely brilliant) couldn’t help but keep drawing attention to a repeatedly naughty kid in the audience, through his dialogue in the play. It was actually hilarious, the guy had me in stitches. Though I’m not sure I’d have enjoyed it half as much had it not been for their unexpected hilarity. None the less, I could feel the historic energy surrounding the place, and it was a great experience.



    The ride back even blessed us with a rainbow and a beautiful sunset. Real heavenly. And I was settled by the thought that I was unsurprised, alas naturally grateful, that the day ended in such a beautiful way. It had manifested perfectly and I accepted it.



    Oh, and then there was this giant full moon which I couldn’t capture on my phone through the coach window. Alas! It was a perfect moment.

    All in all a great town, spotted a campsite just down the road too. I’d definitely go again- Halloween would be great- as there were a few more areas I’d like to see. And the vibe would be perfect on October 31…

    Thank you all for reading, and I bid you all goodnight! I shall retire to my coffin now.