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Thursday Therapy – Feeling Da Healing


Today I took another step on my healing journey, by paying a visit to a hypnotherapist.

I’ve known for a while I’ve needed some kind of ‘therapy’, but couldn’t envisage myself lying on a couch in an office, spewing my life grievances to some NHS psychotherapist who has no experience in the emotional mind or energetic body.

I met a lady over a year ago at an ‘Inner Dance’ session (a healing feat in itself), and took her card because she had dreadlocks and I thought ‘hypno’ sounded kind of cool. I didn’t know if I’d ever actually call upon her services, but as I’ve come to learn, the universe likes to play and surprise at the same time as it provides. My yoga teacher (and general guide in life these days) mentioned I might benefit from speaking to her, and I remembered we’d already met. So I dug her card out and made an appointment.

Anyway, I had just an initial consultation (free of charge) with her this evening, and already feel I’m stepping down the right path to the next phase of healing. 

She asked what I wanted to get out of the sessions, and I sort of surprised myself by saying ‘be free’ and ‘let go’. I was also pleased with how open I could be with her – I haven’t divulged the deepest darkest of my past just yet (seemed a bit much for our first meet), but I feel positive knowing I’ll probably be able to. 

When I imagine sharing such secrets with others, I feel embarassed. Which I know is crazy since these things happened through no fault of my own, nor should I have any reason to feel shame. Nevertheless it’s a natural emotion which I’m battling day by day.

I’ve had a reiki session before and certainly benefited, but I feel I might gain something different – perhaps more assertive – from being put into a hypnotic trance while words of reassurance, hope and positivity are gently guided into my subconscious.

To be honest, I have no idea what to expect so that’s exactly the outlook I’m maintaining – no expectations, (except) to expect the unexpected!

I’ll definitely post again when I’ve had my first session. Meanwhile, I’m continuing to live in the moment, work on my Self and goals and look forward to the future. DO expect big things!!

Much love – may all we Beings know love, speak truth and be released from suffering.

Aho, Namaste!


Booking a holiday the day after your house party cos you just need to get out more


I dream of waterfalls
And rolling hills
Dewy pastures
And rocky cliffs

Breathtaking views
Embraced by Earth’s
And tranquility

Offered to us
Through coloured windows
Pupils glistening
Reflections of the soul

Mountains of wisdom,
Emotions vented through
Skin and cells
Feeling warm to the core

May we all pass on
And share the beauty of
The universe, encompassed
with love, infinitely One


Shut yo preachin’ ass up


I feel inclined to talking about changing the world.

Earth, in its entirety, is capable of extraordinary things. We as a collective energy hold the power to ignite love and light throughout the world, and even out into (out – to? ) the universe.

May we all come together as One. Together we can change our world for the better. If you believe at all in reincarnation, you get we’re energy and upon death that energy disperses and becomes one again with that energy, and around we go again.

So if we’re coming back, over and over again, let’s just keep making it better each time? No? Well I think yes.

It’s not only essential for the universe, but a karmic loop, too. Our souls depend on it. I don’t mean to sound extreme or preachy. Excuse me if I do. It’s meant as a good thing! An exciting time. Imagine what good we can truly do.

I’ve now made a real habit of smiling at everybody I make eye contact with. Both for the good of Earth and the good of myself. You have no idea who it is you’re smiling at, but it’s very possible you could make their day.

I’d like to see us all a little more mindful of other people’s existence and feelings. From our closest, to strangers in far out countries, seemingly another world, in one way or another.

Just to spread a little light. We all need it. For our world. Our kids (remember as well they are our future, and pave the way for all that will become). For all that is.

It’s truly a blessing to be able to experience Earth. Not sure how anybody else feels, but I’m gonna continue furthering that experience with true, whole hearted goodness. Bless.

Iby Leave


I believe in the universe and the light that encloaks it. I believe in all that is good.. thus, all that is god.

I believe love overcomes evil.. and therefore overcomes the d-evil.

I believe in the power of human intention, the capacity to ‘create’ at free will, any world we imagine.

I believe in compassion, and the shared desire for mutual respect.. the simplest of actions, and expectations . I believe we all want the same thing.

Peace, an existence free of suffering. Easily obtainable if we can all simply remember and realise our potential.

May all beings be released from suffering. May we all emit love and light to infinity.. and beyond.☆


Gratitude in Greatness


I’m grateful for everything in my life.

In my reality, everything is perfect; the lovely home I get to ‘live’ in, the amazing friends in my life, my loving dad, the meadows and canal near my lovely house, the food in my fridge and fruit on the side, the plants on my windowsill, and finally of course, nature and all that Mother Earth births and provides.

All is well in my life and I deserve all good things coming my way. And they will come my way, because my consciousness is making sure of that.

And yours can too. It is, in fact. Every second our consciousness is putting thoughts and vibrations out there in order to get us what we want.

We as humans were given the true gift of creative thinking.  What we think, we create. Simple as. This is our basic human gift, and it’s capable of changing the world. And EVERYBODY can help!

Just imagine in an alternate reality somewhere, aliens visit us on Earth and put our trains of thought on the same frequencies. So everybody in the world is in tune with everyone else. And we can all feel each others emotions, from one person to the next.

And then we use our consciousness to alter the reality: our feelings change so our thinking changes. We want more for ourselves and the others whose emotions we feel. We want to put things right.

So we all collectively as ONE, pray or meditate or affirm or wish or just simply shout out loud!…shout out loud what we all want. And the world began to change.

In this alternate reality, our collective consciousness comes together to change the world for the better. And it works.

So why can’t we do that in THIS ‘reality’? Here and now. Why don’t we all become as one?

Our thoughts manifest as our reality. The law of attraction in its simplest, most perfect form.

So I’m thankful for this world and the powers I have here. We as humans are very lucky beings. Poor to rich, every single one of us is of fantastic fortune.

Thank you, universe. For making everything complete.

God: You are, and remain, a part of me.


Prayer is something that has been a part of my life from a very young age.  This was, however, all through institutions such as school forcing it upon me. Making me join in singing songs about God and praying in assembly. “He’s got the whole world, in his hands,” we’d sing.

There is nothing wrong with encouraging children to understand and connect with the magic of God. But when the ‘teachers’ don’t even know about, know what, or know why they are teaching, then this is when things get misty.

It didn’t take me long to ‘figure out’ what I was being taught was tosh. And it took even less time to come to the conclusion that there is no God and the belief in otherwise was, well, unintelligible.  It just couldn’t make sense in my head- a human-like Lord who resides in the sky and impregnated a virgin (unconsented also by the sounds of it), who punishes the bad and rewards the good.

But nobody, ever,  taught me it was all a metaphor. Not even tried. It was either God is and you’re religious,  or God isn’t and you’re atheist. I was always fascinated with the middle ground.

So very recently I’ve started praying again. Only actually meaning it.  Meaning to have a conversation with God. But tonight I sort of stopped midflow,  deflated at the realisation that God isn’t anything really, no all powerful,  seeing,  caring entity that will always be there to make sure I’m OK. No, that’s my responsibility. It dawned on me that when speaking to God, I am not speaking to a seperate being, but merely speaking to myself. Whether you want to call it soul or Higher Self, or whatever. But we are really just speaking to ourselves when we pray. Because if we are all One, this is the only possibility.

So as this thought sort of washed over me in what could almost be described as disappointment,  that tiny voice that we all hear (but don’t all acknowledge), whispered to me: You are, and remain,  a part of me.

I don’t know where it came from,  I don’t think I need to.

I just smiled in the dark and said Amen.