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Divine Devon


This weekend I was lucky enough to bag a visit to rural county Devon, staying with my cousin and her other half in their new(ish) home. They relocated from our home town in November, and it was my first visit.

Despite leaving loved ones behind, I can see why they easily had no regrets with their decision. Their secluded village sits atop a hill, overlooking the beautiful Devonshire countryside. Woolacombe Beach (dubbed the ‘best beach in the UK’ and I’d say easily comparable to a beach in Spain) is just an hour’s drive, and an array of other touristic gems are dotted around, an even shorter distance away.

It’s experiences like these that remind me England isn’t the dull, grey image that a lot of us often have. It’s brimming with stunning scenery, wildlife and nature spots. At one point near a place called Castle Drogo, I couldn’t believe I was still in the UK. A giant valley filled with luscious green trees, and a convenient path that lets you admire the view from different angles, literally took my breath away.

Fingle Bridge, Castle Drogo

Another trip took us into the heart of a huge gorge, with gushing waterfalls and mossy trees surrounding us on upward spiraling paths.

Lydford Gorge was around 3 miles of massive woodland, ancient tree roots underfoot and an enclosed rock cove/cavern at a spot called the Devil’s Couldron. Standing on a bridge above, you can watch the water bubble and whirlpool madly around below your feet.

Lydford Gorge

Amongst scrambling up rocks, hiking up steep hills and sitting on the edge of cliff faces, I found a sense of tranquility I haven’t experienced in a while. The freedom felt while trekking across fields hundreds of miles from home, from anywhere familiar, was exciting and exhilarating. Living in each moment to moment, taking it as it comes and accepting the fact that it all ‘is what it is’, was an emotional release, to say the least. The fresh air definitely went to my head.

Dartmoor Moors

Devon is a beautiful place and as a ‘Brit’ I feel truly blessed to know we have such serenity on our doorstep- we don’t need to skip countries to get a dose of  escapism from the everyday England we’re used to. We just need to know where to look… and the drive to want to find the rest of the hidden gems the UK has to offer.

So much brocolli 😍


Hi-gha, God


Why do we look up when we address God?

Neck craned, spine poised,

Gazing up to the ceiling.. even into the sky

Is it because God is a, nay, THE ‘higher’ power?


[But God is within Us?]


Gaze into the sky again

Stare past the stars

Deep through the u-niverse

Into yourself. Look within.


[Pray with true intent]

[[Even in-a tent]]


Hands together, liberated harmony

Drawn close to our hearts

Feel the particles of love beaten

God truly never departs




Days of Gratitude 3

Days of Gratitude 3



Today was an unrivalled feeling of gratitude,  for our one and only, the irreplaceable; Mother Nature.

I’m grateful for the birds chirping outside my window at dawn (or when I decide to rise).

I’m grateful for the canal banks and all its natural glory; butterflies, dragonflies, ducks and swans, stork, trees, bushes and shrubs… nettles, regular annoying flies that stick in your hair and dive into your mouth while cycling.

Though I suppose it’s actually myself invading their space with my bicycle and speed… so I’m grateful I’m allowed into their space.

I’m grateful for the sun beaming down on to the back of my neck. And for the breeze that whips my hair back.

Mother Nature will never ever leave our side,  no matter how much we take her for granted, or abuse her. Even if she’s beaten down and stripped of life through winter (or pollution/construction/war etc), she will come back fighting. She’ll take back what was always hers, still offering our disloyal race a comfortable, nourishing home. And she always will.

Namaste 🙏

Springing Into Spring



I awoke this morning to beautiful morning sunshine, heating my bedroom as it glared through the window pane.

Admittedly,  I was quite rudely awoken by my phone ringing, but that’s my fault for not putting it on silent.

So, forced into consciousness I lifted out of bed and, boosted by the surprise sunshine, sucked up the rays and drove to pick up my hungover housemate from a random house.

And what a day for a spontaneous drive. Upon returning home, I had some brocolli and protein shake. Then jumped on my mountain bike, started my Garmin up and embraced the beautiful outdoors.

Along the canal, into the woods and through the cemetery where my mum lies. Arrived at my friends, had a smoke and played PS4, (caved to a Cadbury creme egg), then rode back again as the sun set.

Refreshingly serene.

And in the wake of a lot of personal tribulations that have been going on/off, it was just what my body and soul needed. Combined, I was filled with a fresh light.

A good friend visited yesterday and performed acupuncture on me (my first time). Five needles in each ear, one for each pressure point linking to a certain part of the body. Interestingly, the only one that even hurt or bled (a tiny amount btw) was the point linked to stress and anxiety (the very top).


As soon as each needle penetrated, I felt my body tingle from head to toe. Literally the meridians were twitching and I felt the release. For the next 45 minutes I lay alone in silence, concentrating on my breathing in a half meditative state. It was pretty daymn cool man. Heck, later that night I even managed to put pencil to paper and draw something after about nine years.

The days have merged with one another in such natural splendour. A week and a half ago I made a life changing decision, and so am dealing with certain repercussions now. But the sense of freedom I gained from taking that step (so far) outweighs any negative comebacks, which are always only temporary anyway.

Actively encouraging my mental clarity, along with sustaining a clean diet, daily yoga and weight lifting, I’m really starting to feel myself healing from the inside out.

And today, the warmest I’ve experienced since winter took hold, was one of the most perfect days to do so. So a good day overall!

Much love and light all ✌💓

EARTHSHIPS: We Come In Peace


Here, both for fun and the sake of the Earth, I’m going to show you the what’s, why’s and how’s of the fantastic creation that is the Earthship.

First off, quickly answer this question: Are you tired of working a job that just barely helps you keep a roof over your head and food in your belly?

If you answered “no, I’m a high earner and just so happen to live comfortably,” then, you lucky person you, ask yourself this: Do you care about EARTH? This beautiful planet that we’re blessed to reside upon- there’s a reason she’s referred to as ‘Mother’ Earth.

What is an Earthship?

Well, to put it bluntly, Earthships are the most awesome housing creations ever known. I don’t think I’m being too biased there, but do listen to reason. And they’re not as primitive as you might first think- they’re actually pretty modern inside and out. But you can see that for yourselves…



Made almost from completely recycled, reusable resources such as tyres, glass and wood, Earthships still allow all the creature comforts any regular first-world Westerner would expect.

Why do we need them?

Let’s face facts: time is running out for Earth. Unless we want to end up with a giant, desolate rock full of dust like Mars, then we need to do something.

Architecture has come a long way, as has technology. Now it’s time to start utilising both to do amazing things for the Earth and humanity. Things need to evolve.

Mother Earth cannot continue to harbour the consumption of goods or guzzling of gas. We’re all already aware that global warming is no longer a myth. And we’re all certainly aware that pollution is continually increasing and our airspace is suffering. Not to mention the horrific landfills that permeate our soil, spilling out leftover consumer waste like there’s no tomorrow.

Well, pretty soon there may well be no tomorrow. Which is why we have to act today. And I believe Earthships really are the way forward for humanity. Sustainable living is soon going to be a necessity, because Mother Earth cannot cope with the current amount of strain on her resources.

Not to mention, people everywhere are starving. People cannot afford to pay their bills and are often choosing between food, heat and water. Why should any human be subject to this, when we have all the knowledge needed in our hands?

So imagine a life where your utility bills are not even £100 per year. That’s right, per year. Because your Earthship creates heat, collects water and grows fruit and vegetables. And they start from £7000. And for around £70,000, you could have one in which you practically live in luxury! That’s half the price of a bog standard, back to basics house in England.

And they needn’t be just exclusive to already fortunate Westerners- one of the long term objectives of the Earthship project is to make them available in less developed countries, where people’s quality of life would be drastically improved.

Earthships also house their own greenhouses. So imagine just leaning from your kitchen over to your greenhouse corridor and deciding what you want to throw in your soup or which fruit to eat for breakfast. Nobody would need to go hungry ever again.

earthship banana tree

How the heck?

Earthships are made from natural, recycled materials. The basic structure is actually made from old tyres filled with… yep, earth. Throw in some old glass bottles and aluminium cans, and you have yourself a wall with some amazing stained-glass effects.


Water is collected by a cleverly designed roof, which filters it through a special cistern and is utilised throughout the building. No kidding, the water is actually reused again and again for drinking, bathing, toilets and watering plants. You can read more about the filtration system here.

Solar panels are used to generate heat, and wind is harnessed to generate electricity. Might I state again, how you can have one of these homes for as little as £7000?


One of the best things about these wonderful creations is you don’t need any building or construction knowledge to build one.

My vision of the future includes an array of these beauties, perhaps Earthship communities where everybody does their part for their community in peace and harmony. And this isn’t even an ‘ideal’ world- people are already living like this!

Perhaps the peace and harmony are a little too John Lennon for some people, but come on. Who wouldn’t appreciate an abundance of fresh, naturally grown, GMO-free fruit and vegetables, right inside their house? Or practically zero utility bills? Just imagine how different every day would be. No more grafting as an economic slave just to survive. Totally legitimate, sustainable, economically friendly, off the grid living. We could all actually live!

To learn more about Earthships or get information on building your own, check out www.earthship.com and www.lowcarbon.co.uk/earthship-brighton

Peace and Love.

earthship pond

 earthship_biotecture 4

Gratitude in Greatness


I’m grateful for everything in my life.

In my reality, everything is perfect; the lovely home I get to ‘live’ in, the amazing friends in my life, my loving dad, the meadows and canal near my lovely house, the food in my fridge and fruit on the side, the plants on my windowsill, and finally of course, nature and all that Mother Earth births and provides.

All is well in my life and I deserve all good things coming my way. And they will come my way, because my consciousness is making sure of that.

And yours can too. It is, in fact. Every second our consciousness is putting thoughts and vibrations out there in order to get us what we want.

We as humans were given the true gift of creative thinking.  What we think, we create. Simple as. This is our basic human gift, and it’s capable of changing the world. And EVERYBODY can help!

Just imagine in an alternate reality somewhere, aliens visit us on Earth and put our trains of thought on the same frequencies. So everybody in the world is in tune with everyone else. And we can all feel each others emotions, from one person to the next.

And then we use our consciousness to alter the reality: our feelings change so our thinking changes. We want more for ourselves and the others whose emotions we feel. We want to put things right.

So we all collectively as ONE, pray or meditate or affirm or wish or just simply shout out loud!…shout out loud what we all want. And the world began to change.

In this alternate reality, our collective consciousness comes together to change the world for the better. And it works.

So why can’t we do that in THIS ‘reality’? Here and now. Why don’t we all become as one?

Our thoughts manifest as our reality. The law of attraction in its simplest, most perfect form.

So I’m thankful for this world and the powers I have here. We as humans are very lucky beings. Poor to rich, every single one of us is of fantastic fortune.

Thank you, universe. For making everything complete.

Twin Flames; hot on the tail?


Sometimes when I get in bed at night and stare at the empty pillow next to me, I feel a longing for somebody I feel I already know, but haven’t yet met. At least not in this lifetime.

But that’s OK, because if I’m meant to, eventually I’ll be drawn to that person and vice versa.

But it can suck,  all that wasted space in the bed. Though I guess on the plus side I don’t have to worry about that said person’s comfort or temperature. Nor being tied to a bedtime routine with another person.

Who am I kidding? I’d love to meet my twin flame in THIS lifetime. I feel we could utilise each other’s strengths in this revolutionary age. But again… If it’s meant to happen in this lifetime, it will. But if I continue creating my own reality as I want it… then doesn’t that make it meant to be?

Cornflakes and Chemtrails


Good morning, World.

I greet you like a Facebook status and with a tissue to withhold the fresh snot streaming from my nostrils as summer and it’s main signifier,  hayfever,  draw closer.

Yesterday I awoke to a beautiful blue sky, bombarded with streaks of chemtrails imposing themselves on to the neighbourhood as if they own the world. But that’s irrelevant this morning. As I hold faith the perpetrators will face their ‘punishment’ (for want of a better word) some day. They will certainly reap what they sow, let’s say.

So yesterday that morning visual set me up for a whole day of the ‘there are so many things against us’ attitude/ viewpoint.

Today however I am going to roll out of bed, prepare myself a fruit smoothie and stand in the back garden admiring the beautiful sky, whatever it’s colour and chemical state today.

Whatever is, is, and whatever will be, will very much be. For today at least, I’m just going to enjoy the ride.


Hazel eyes and green fingers


Sometimes I spend days at a time at my friend’s house, wanting to go home but not ready to face it. Is it the lonliness? I wouldn’t like to call it that, I’d prefer emptiness.

But why do humans crave company at all? Is it because we’re all One?

Well recently I’ve been growing plants. Both out in the garden and indoors. But all of them are in their very beginning stages. I have a small pot of coriander on the kitchen windowsill which, to my astonishment, has suddenly sprouted out of the compost. When I’d finally made the decision to drag myself home… There they were sat on my windowsill. I saw them before I even got inside the house. Like they were welcoming me back; “hey, look how much we’ve grown!”

Nature is so amazing. Life. What more could we want here on beautiful Mother Earth?