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6 reasons I fell in love with yoga


Through daily practice, yoga has become my foundation for a healthy, happy life.

Just half an hour each morning sets me up with a fresh outlook and good intentions.

On top of that, my fitness levels and general physique have improved so much. And after a year and a half, I can connect my mind and body, and do things I never imagined I’d be strong enough for!


So, just because the love has hit a deeper level recently, here are 6 reasons why I’ve fallen madly, head-over-knees in love with yoga:

  1. It clears the mind- if I’m feeling stressed, anxious or just generally down in the dumps, doing a few sun salutations or releasing some residual tension in certain areas of my body (such as the hips, where much of our past angst is stored), really helps clear that stuffy mind-fog. Sometimes, our amazing minds become so entrenched with thoughts (whether positive or negative), that it becomes overbearing and we need to just stop the flow for a while, to reset and regain some clarity.
  2. It tends to the body- physically speaking, yoga is a wonderful way to strengthen, tone and stretch our bodies, without even realising we’re doing it. Because much of the practice is so subtle- focusing on remaining calm, breathing mindfully and flowing through movements gently, it’s easy to forget we’re essentially getting a ‘workout’ the whole time. Then every few days you take a glance in the mirror and see some newly sculpted muscles here and there – awesome surprise!
  3. It reminds me how it feels to Be Alive- This feeling is so easy to forget. Too many times I’ve found myself stagnant, mooching on the sofa or playing video games for days on end, with no real activity. And the longer this goes on, the harder it is to pull yourself back. But once you do, even in that first downward dog of the day, a fire is ignited instantly and the energy flowing through your body reminds you of what it is to feel, what it is to be. And how wonderful it actually feels to be a living, breathing entity on this planet.
  4. You get back what you put in (and then some)- Like any healthy relationship, you reap the benefits when you invest the best part of yourself. Yoga has no expectations- all it asks is that you show up, and just be yourself. And in turn, the path will lead you to beautiful new places, inspiring new people and exciting new experiences.
  5. Anybody can do it- I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Every body is a yoga body. Fat or thin, tall or short, muscular or feeble. We can all reap the benefits of regular practice. Of course, every body is different and every body will adapt and grow in different ways, but the truth is yoga is not exclusive for just already-bendy dancers or skinny fitness freaks. Yoga will embrace you, whoever you are.
  6. It will never leave me…. Sure, I could leave yoga. I could roll up my mat and stop practicing for the next 6 months, become shrivelled and tight. But the philosophy of yoga and the lessons it brings won’t ever go- I’ll always remember to breathe in stressful situations. I’ll always be more aware of how individual muscles and body parts feel at different times. And I’ll always remember the mind-body connection that yoga and I chiselled together through dedication and commitment. We’ll always have that mutual love. And that I adore.

I’d love to see schools introduce yoga as part of Physical Education or maybe those odd, ‘Social Studies’ classes that encouraged even the nerdiest of kids to skive. This in turn would create the space and opportunity to learn mindfulness and stress-relief, throughout their education, which they then take with them to use later in life.

In fact, I’d just love to see everybody try it, period. Sure, some won’t be as taken as I was, and that’s fine. But just to experience it would create a newfound outlook, everybody can benefit from.

Maybe I’m being biased towards my love. But I believe in it so much, I’m even willing to share it with the world! Now that’s commitment.

Peace and love all.




Big tings gwarnin.

I’m ready for bigger things.

I can feel things changing.

I’m lookin’ straight ahead, now



No meat, no dairy, no sex


So. I made the decision to practice celibacy about two or more years ago. Back then it was a loose insight in my mind, projected and ideal but not quite accepted. With a crazy sex life having basically come to a halt, I didn’t need to actively abstain.

Then over time it developed as an actual truth, and as much as I’ve resisted, I’ve also learned to accept it.

I had to make a mistake or two to learn some lessons, but recent occurrences seem to indicate I learned well. It’s been an extremely difficult.. should I say,  frustrating  week, and temptation has been rife. But I didn’t succumb and I know I’ve made the right decision(s).

I mean I’m sure I have, but as a replacement distraction I’m stuck with constant thoughts of food instead.. not necessarily a new struggle, but it is now far heightened by the need to fill some kind of comfort gap. Mostly by bourbon biscuits and Oreos since they’re some of the naughtiest treats I can have as a vegan.

Anyway, I believe the preservation of sexual energy far outweighs the wastage of it on something that isn’t an emotional connection. Saving it for a special person and moment, a sacred act shared between the two of you who understands one another is just perfect.

No need to jump straight into each others pants, as temporarily exciting as that can be. I’m no prude, in fact this decision is kind of killing me inside, but I know it’s the right one and has been there for a long time. It’s just been a while since I’ve been ready for the next test.

Now I’m taking another step along the path of self discovery. And I am genuinely excited to be on the way :)🙏




Since beginning my yoga journey some twelve+ months ago, I’ve experienced a whole new level of Self. My inner being feels cleansed, I’m more aligned, and I have a much deeper sense of Oneness.

Every posture, from the simple yet delightful up-dog, to the muscle-tingling baby grasshopper (I’m yet to find my way to the more hardcore version; the daddy Grasshopper) takes me on a journey through the mind and body.

Becoming and being aware of one’s own physical structure, discovering the sensation of each muscle maybe for the first time, feeling the body, brings with it new self-inquiry, and a deeper understanding of what lies beyond. Whether warming up for the day, playing around after work to wind down, or just passing time, it seems there’s always something new to be had from practising yoga.

It also gives a wonderful head-start to a meditation session, placing you nicely into a relaxed and calm state, especially after a well-earned savasana. I’ve found myself in many a ‘surprise’ meditation right after yoga, where my body and mind fall right into place.

Aside from the spiritual side, there’s also the health benefits that are complimentary with a dedicated yoga regime; more energy, self-satisfaction, balanced chakras, reduced stress, increased happiness,  a strong physique. And I’m sure there are many more fellow practitioners/yogis  could claim.


I personally recommend anybody who hasn’t, to give yoga a try. Don’t let age, weight or flexibility get in the way of your will – yoga is for every body, and after discovering it, everybody is for yoga 🙂

Peace and love.


Hi-gha, God


Why do we look up when we address God?

Neck craned, spine poised,

Gazing up to the ceiling.. even into the sky

Is it because God is a, nay, THE ‘higher’ power?


[But God is within Us?]


Gaze into the sky again

Stare past the stars

Deep through the u-niverse

Into yourself. Look within.


[Pray with true intent]

[[Even in-a tent]]


Hands together, liberated harmony

Drawn close to our hearts

Feel the particles of love beaten

God truly never departs




6 Higher Thoughts on Moving House


Having moved house 3 times in the past 2 years, (whilst also going along the path of progressive enlightenment), it’s really dawned on me to what extent ‘stuff’ is needed in our lives. Of course you know where this is going; it isn’t a huge extent. In fact, for the most part, stuff is pretty useless.

1. I’d estimate 90% of the things I own, I don’t need. Realistically it’s probably higher, but I could list the stuff I do need quicker.

Such as:

Cooking stove/pot
Carving knives
A roof and 4 walls (it could be made from anything, even hemp!)
Plots to grow food
A cushioned area (for relaxing and sleeping)
A blanket
A towel
1 pair of casual shoes
1 pair of walking/hiking shoes
A couple of hoodies/jumpers
A couple pairs of leggings/bottoms
Curtains/window coverings

I can’t think of any more right now, and I’m honestly trying.

2. I really don’t need the following (but not limited to) material items:

20 pairs of shoes
7 black bags full of clothes
Piles of books
Wall plaques
Shampoos/moisturising creams etc

Alas, I stumbled again on thinking of any more…..

3. So what happens to the tonne of items I still have left over, many of which are literally piled in boxes awaiting a place inside my new ‘home’ upon the 3D plane? I don’t even REALLY need the chest of drawers half constructed next to me, nor the piles of cutlery, dishes, plates and pans.

4. So in effect, it seems where those two circumstances meet in the middle, where they must either coincide, or cancel each other out, there must surely be the middle ground?

That middle ground is the realisation that I do need all of this stuff. Upon this 3D reality, within a totalitarian western society, I require a multitude of products, in order to function as a normal (acceptable) human being. I also actually enjoy having little pieces of decor that make my home here feel more comfortable. It’s in my human nature, isn’t it?


Yes, I do reside in abundance compared to many in poverty stricken countries. In fact, in comparison to the rest of the world, I’m a spoilt brat. But within the smaller circle of my city, my area, and many of my friends and acquaintances, when it comes to materialist goods, I am of the poorer sect. For a long time I struggled to meet the financial demands of food and eating; much of which was almost always funded by my bff (for which I’m forever grateful and fortunate).

5. The harder reality is, compared to many people, I have the bare minimum of stuff required to function the barest (minimally) to society.

So I have a couple of smart trousers for work/interviews/funerals, along with a smart pair of black shoes, for the same occasions. I rarely wear any of them, but they’re there on hand, should the need arise. Humorous really.

The same with my clothes, trainers, cushions, home decorating items, furniture, etc. All of it is ‘required’ in this consumer – driven, Western culture that I incarnated into. I work everyday on imagining my dreams into a reality, but now I’m stuck hovering over this keypad, trying to figure out where I want to take it from here.

6. It’s fascinating here on the physical plane; , every tiny piece of matter needs storage space and carrying around to its new location on Earth. But in ‘reality’, none are needed at all. It’s just a fabrication, created by the state to ensure we stay on their endless roundabout; continually working and consuming.

When does it end?

One day.

Though next time round, I hope/plan to be leaving with none of it whatsoever (except my rucksack).


August 2014- Another Conscious Shift


I felt another shift this weekend. The ones that I’ve become increasingly conscious of over the past year or so; where I can literally feel a turning point in evolution.

It’s not something many other people around me seem to experience as intensely as I seem to. Like yesterday I could feel so much positive energy buzzing around me and expanding outside my house, across the city and Earth. But my housemate shrugged and said he feels the same. That said, I know myself I felt something.

Even the most miniscule shift is a shift all the same. It sparks a little something inside me when it happens, like a bright ball of hope glowing inside.

It’s also a full moon weekend. Unsure if that is of any significance,  my inner self seems to think it probably is; no coincidences and all that.

But I’m so grateful for these moments. And they also go a long way in my personal growth. Like gaining wisdom. As if I just collected a Soul Upgrade in the video game of my life. I feel more connected to my higher self when it happens, which could only naturally be a good thing.

Namaste my friends, and continue enjoying your beautiful lives 💞

Gratitude in Greatness


I’m grateful for everything in my life.

In my reality, everything is perfect; the lovely home I get to ‘live’ in, the amazing friends in my life, my loving dad, the meadows and canal near my lovely house, the food in my fridge and fruit on the side, the plants on my windowsill, and finally of course, nature and all that Mother Earth births and provides.

All is well in my life and I deserve all good things coming my way. And they will come my way, because my consciousness is making sure of that.

And yours can too. It is, in fact. Every second our consciousness is putting thoughts and vibrations out there in order to get us what we want.

We as humans were given the true gift of creative thinking.  What we think, we create. Simple as. This is our basic human gift, and it’s capable of changing the world. And EVERYBODY can help!

Just imagine in an alternate reality somewhere, aliens visit us on Earth and put our trains of thought on the same frequencies. So everybody in the world is in tune with everyone else. And we can all feel each others emotions, from one person to the next.

And then we use our consciousness to alter the reality: our feelings change so our thinking changes. We want more for ourselves and the others whose emotions we feel. We want to put things right.

So we all collectively as ONE, pray or meditate or affirm or wish or just simply shout out loud!…shout out loud what we all want. And the world began to change.

In this alternate reality, our collective consciousness comes together to change the world for the better. And it works.

So why can’t we do that in THIS ‘reality’? Here and now. Why don’t we all become as one?

Our thoughts manifest as our reality. The law of attraction in its simplest, most perfect form.

So I’m thankful for this world and the powers I have here. We as humans are very lucky beings. Poor to rich, every single one of us is of fantastic fortune.

Thank you, universe. For making everything complete.

The curse of the Yin Yang


Sometimes one can be so filled with emotion, of all different kinds, that it’s difficult to express or even acknowledge what you’re actually feeling.

Sometimes I’m overcome with sadness, guilt, lonliness and even despair. I say sometimes,  but it’s pretty often.

But I’m the friend who always has the brave, can’t-touch-this,  I-don’t-feel anything- kind of face. I’m the friend who can be called upon in times of need, company or comfort.  A reassuring “everything will be all right” tone- an ear that always listens and reminds you what current good is in life rather than current bad.

But when I’m overcome with the certain emotions above, I don’t have a ‘me’ to turn to. It’s times like this I’m so very grateful to have faith and God in my life. I really resent using the term God, but it’s the simplest.

So when I’m hurrying to my car in the boltic cold and driving home from my friends house whom I’ve just given my ear to, immersed in lonliness, I can now give God a smile and a thank you. Even just a ‘hello’ is normally enough.

But I didn’t have this knowledge two years ago. Even really a year ago. I hadn’t been embraced (or let myself be embraced) by the universe and infinite love. And I wonder to myself how did I ever get through such anguish back then?

And then I remember I barely had this amount of anguish before then. Because the infinite love that came with God also brought along infinite suffering. Because there is no Yin without Yang, and there never will be.

But I suppose, along with this infinite love also comes more strength, more positive vibrations. And even perhaps more opportunity. I know we create our own reality, and that I have to use this as my main tool in life. But sometimes it’s very difficult when awash with so many emotions.

I don’t know. I just feel like I used to be able to control my feelings a lot more. But since I gave myself to the universe,  I’ve even unable to keep on top of them.

Got to keep going of course. Tomorrow really is another day and perhaps some of the emotion will subside by then. And if it doesn’t,  well, we’ll just have to keep working on that reality.


Twin Flames; hot on the tail?


Sometimes when I get in bed at night and stare at the empty pillow next to me, I feel a longing for somebody I feel I already know, but haven’t yet met. At least not in this lifetime.

But that’s OK, because if I’m meant to, eventually I’ll be drawn to that person and vice versa.

But it can suck,  all that wasted space in the bed. Though I guess on the plus side I don’t have to worry about that said person’s comfort or temperature. Nor being tied to a bedtime routine with another person.

Who am I kidding? I’d love to meet my twin flame in THIS lifetime. I feel we could utilise each other’s strengths in this revolutionary age. But again… If it’s meant to happen in this lifetime, it will. But if I continue creating my own reality as I want it… then doesn’t that make it meant to be?