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A Day with Phillip Day – The Maximum Health Workshop


Today I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a fascinating seminar by one of the world’s most experienced health researchers.

As a volunteer at a local charity (Together Against Cancer, who commit to informing the public about natural, ‘alternative’ forms of healing and wellness), the request for help at the event was sprung on me at the last minute. I’d already do anything for the centre – it’s run by such an inspiring, amazing group of people who are so knowledgeable and committed to what they do – but having read some of Phillip Day’s work, I was never going to turn down this chance.

And oh my, what a Day.. For 6 hours (which flew by) he covered so much, that it’s still kind of digesting in my system (no pun intended). This included, but certainly wasn’t limited to how:

  • We live in a completely false reality, from food to education to news reports
  • Sickness is bigger than war, and is the biggest business on earth
  • Between 2000-2015, pharmaceutical drugs have killed more people than World War 1 and World War 2 combined
  • Since 2000, 16 million Americans have died as a result of the effects of chemotherapy, not cancer itself
  • Being ‘cured’ of cancer is actually defined as survival after 5 years of initial treatment
  • Most diseases and ailments are metabolic, i.e. caused by a severely weakened immune system/ unhealthy gut
  • Chemotherapy and radiation destroys your immune system
  • Vaccines at birth serve no purpose and in fact do more harm than good
  • Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed in as little as 7 days
  • A plethora of ex-medical professionals are becoming whistleblowers to the twisted and inherently murderous medical system
  • Big Pharma are desperately trying to silence Day and other organisations who are making this information public

Did you know it’s actually illegal in the European Union to state that food is key to curing and preventing disease, and that drinking water cures dehydration? Call me stupid, but that’s some pretty insane logic.

It’s absolutely mental how governments and society convince us to doubt the wisdom of our senses. And to trust in doctors, who have zero nutritional education and are trained by pharmaceutical companies, literally just to push drugs in an attempt to cover up symptoms and zombify the masses.

Probably even more worrying than the sinister set up and power these organisations have, is what Day calls ‘cognitive dissonance’ – that being, wilful ignorance by we, the people, and a refusal to question anything.

We’re raised in a culture where we’re convinced from day 1 that doctors are the fountain of all knowledge, that pharmaceutical companies want to help us (why on earth would they ever offer us cures, when that would mean the immediate halt of cash flow?) and that our government is acting in our best interests (despite the fact they’re also endorsed by those same companies).

Day highlights the importance of diet and nutrition in preventing and reversing disease through 5 simple principles:Image result for campaign for truth in medicine

  1. 80% plant-based made of organic wholefoods
  2. 60% raw (80% is even better)
  3. Keep animal products under 15%
  4. Eliminate all refined sugar, wheat and dairy
  5. Adopt an intermittent fasting/autophagy regime

He also delves into the structure of the human body on a much deeper, cellular and energetic level, discussing the intricacies of DNA and the information we store. It was mind-blowing stuff and certainly gets you thinking (an amount more than already being contended with!).

He takes time to cover the array of vitamins and minerals we need to function, where to obtain these and how best to prepare the body to absorb and utilise them.

This is literally only scratching the surface of the presentation, and this summary serves only to inform, remind and reassure us that there are other ‘crackpots’ discussing and promoting alternatives to what we’ve been programmed to believe about our health, longevity and life on earth in general.

But as always, I urge you not to take my word as gospel (I’m sure there’s no risk of that) and to do your own research. If something about this resonates with you, don’t stay stuck in cognitive dissonance – we live in the age of information, and were incarnated at this time for a reason. Use the power of the internet and all the knowledge that is offered to find that which you are seeking. 


Warrior Juice


Come one, come all
Be delighted, be enthralled
Bear witness to the fruit
(And veg) of Warrior Juice

This is what I drink most days. Every day would be ideal but preparation does get tedious (I also choose not to pay premium for readily chopped ingredients, since the saving can be allocated elsewhere).


Anything can be added, but the main hero of our concoction is brocolli. Tough, tasty and textured, brocolli is a powerhouse of essential minerals and vitamins for the human body. In fact, it’s so nutritious it even fights off cancer (as do many of the wonderful ingredients of Earth). Honest!

Throw in some spinach, mango, kiwi, lime, avocado, celery, banana, ginger, raspberries,  blueberries, strawberries, pomegranates etc. Whatever takes your fancy. Fruits of course are all powerhouses in themselves, so it’s just a matter of making them work in the right amounts.

Banana and avocado help smooth the texture and ginger gives it a spicy kick, while celery makes it more refreshing. Sometimes I even throw in flax or ground hemp seed for an added nutrient boost. Just try to have more greens to fruit ratio so as not to overdo it on the sugar (about 3:1 is best).


Time to mush it up with super greens

I don’t have an expensive smoothie maker, so instead I whiz the smaller, softer ingredients first, then go in with the brocolli after. At the moment it’s an immersion blender (which admittedly has resulted in a couple of messy accidents), but used tacticly enough it does the job.

Now we’re aware blitzed brocolli might not taste (or look) that fab to everybody… but never fear. It can always be sweetened up with a dash of pure, unconcentrated orange juice (again not too much, due to natural sugar). This also helps water it down if it comes up too thick (as does water, for this one I used coconut water 😉 ). It’s tough but try not to be put off by the murky colour it can turn once the greens go in- since real beauty is on the inside!


WJ can be refridgerated in a jug with cling film, or in individual portions

This hippy’s body has found Warrior Juice most beneficial when consumed on a empty stomach, between 7am-1pm. It’s great to fuel cycling, yoga or just a quick breakfast on the go (try pairing with nuts or seeds if early in the morning)… It also does wonders for the bowel and detoxing!

So the possibilities are endless
Depending on your intentions
The vehicle is kept lean, clean
And basking disease prevention 😁

Don’t Say the ‘C’ Word..


In the past couple of weeks, Western society has bared witness to itself and its wondrous capabilities in the name of charity. I’m talking of course about the ‘no make-up selfie’ nominations and cancer awareness.

Well, my initial reaction (after the endless photos on my Facebook feed became unbearable), was this:



Now I know what some of you are likely thinking- that it was insensitive, harsh or even cocky. But I rarely speak my own words on Facebook, unless it is something I feel extremely strongly about (as this was). I won’t divulge the amount of ‘likes’ it attained, as this is just encouraging the reality that fed my fury in the first place.

Girls posting these ‘selfies’ (I also cringe at that word), are not doing so in a purely selfless way, with just ‘cancer’ at the heart of the post. How can I make this clearer… a ‘selfie’, is just that- concerned with the self. I am not for a second insinuating these pictures were posted with malice or selfishness- I know people were trying to do a good thing and even subconsciously, most of them would not have been aware how narcissistic the whole thing actually is.

There were two things that ground my gears throughout this whole charade:

1. Girls should not be encouraged to think it’s ‘brave’ to post a picture of themselves online with no make-up. To be honest I think this point is extremely self-explanatory, but let me elaborate…

From a young age in this society, girls are encouraged to paint their faces in this crap. They are encouraged to cover up their true image, their true self, and thus their true self-CONFIDENCE, in order to appear either more socially acceptable, or sexually desirable. And do I have to stress, that NEITHER should be necessary. Let alone it then spiralling so far out of control that girls are appearing as heroes for showing their real face without the crap on it.

I know too many people who don’t even leave the house without make-up. This is not an exaggeration, though it probably sounds it to many people (especially males, who probably find it hard to believe girls are so dependent on products to cover up their real skin or eyelashes- a lot of the time FOR the acceptance of the male!). I just think women should be open to living and expressing who they are freely, without loading their precious skin with chemicals (expensive ones at that), in return to serve the economy, support capitalism and appear desirable to the opposite (or same) sex.

There are far too many females in our society who battle with self-issues everyday, and this kind of charade only serves and encourages that. Using cancer as a means to promote this concept, and vice versa, just seems paradoxically ridiculous. Cancer is cancer, and make-up is make-up. The two can’t even begin to be combined as doing good for one another.

2. Cancer is something we are already very, VERY aware of. As we are all probably AWARE, cancer now affects 1 in 3 people. That’s a lot of people suffering from cancer. Do we really need reminding that cancer is there? What about the starving children in Africa- in fact, what about the starving children in the UK and USA, two of the most affluent countries in the world?! People are being left to starve by their own governments, the same governments who encourage us to donate our hard earned tokens to cancer ‘research’, one of the biggest, ‘richest’ (for want of a better word) charities in the world. As this (brave) girl finely put…



Perhaps I need say no more on the above point.

But I certainly do not appreciate people’s only defence against anybody who spoke out about this intriguing ’cause’, being that they must not have ever suffered, or known anybody to suffer, from this terrible dis-ease. This is completely irrelevant, and well, ignorant. And of course, it always comes down to ignorance.

Well I’m sorry, but that’s just what it is. It is dis-ease. Human dis-ease caused by the heavy burdens of the modern world. Life is EXTREMELY difficult upon Mother Earth right now. And dis-ease is just one exemplary factor- until we all wake up, learn true compassion and become One with nature and the Universe, we will continue to suffer from such terrible, even deadly ailments.

Until people learn to heal themselves from within first (‘conscious medicine’ is a term I especially like), they will never be able to defend themselves from dis-ease before it begins.

So after a week or so, after my blood had stopped boiling and I had cleansed myself of all the negative energy that was socially rife during this whole thing, I closed the Facechapter via Facebook: