The time is upon us now, people. No longer can society continue to function under a barbaric dictatorship. No longer can we accept being slaves to an economic system, designed only to benefit the few, at the detriment of the many. No more do we prepare for our grandchildren to have to grind in misery for more than half of their lives.

People starving, homeless, ill, suffering. It can all stop now. World currency can be shared out amongst each and every one of us, and we can all live equally, as we all rightly deserve. All debt can (and will) be wiped.

Iceland recently JAILED their bankers, and will offer each resident a portion of the reclaimed money as compensation!

There is no reason for worldwide atrocities to continue. Warmongers and phoney political puppets can be removed from power, by us. And the fixed voting system can be torn away, rewritten… by us. Based on conditions that benefit all of us.

They know it, we know it. And they know that we know. And we know they know we know… and we all know!!! Time to stop pretending, and the hierarchies will begin to crumble!!

STAND UP people, and you will be counted for! The power of the many will easily overthrow the few!

And while you’re at it, check out some revolutionary bits and bobs for inspiration:

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