It’s extremely important to be mindful of what we put inside our bodies. It may be just a temporary vehicle while our souls explore Earth, but, our body really is a temple.

If we feed ourselves clean, nutritious foods, we’re able to function better on a daily basis. We have more energy, our immune systems are stronger, we’re happier, and we live longer! And it’s no coincidence that every vitamin and nutrient required for our optimum health grow naturally on the planet. So it’s not too difficult to create and sustain and healthy ‘diet’.

Here are some simple, tasty and relatively healthy recipe ideas. I always try to use fresh, raw, organic ingredients. But we all know any basic fruit or vegetable is better at getting you through the day than a Mars bar (or any other branded, sugar-fused confectionery). Take a look and I hope you’re inspired!


Kick-Ass Vegan Quesadillas

Vegetable Skewers: Being vegan at a BBQ can be awesome

Spicy Veggie Burgers

Tuna Pasta Bake with chilli

Recipe for Golden Milk (it’s sacred)

Protein and Fibre Smoothie

Delicious Dairy-Free Random Porridge (Randdige)

Cheeky Chocolate and Raspberry Brownie Smoothie (It’s Vegan!)

Kreamie Chilld Fruti Rassberi Miks Smoothie (as smooth as it gets)

Spicy Chorizo Pasta

Coconut-Curried Veg (undercover greens)

Warrior Juice Smoothie

Dairy-Free Honey-Nut Shreds of Wheat…

Dark Matters (of chocolate)


Keep checking back for more!


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