The camper van is parked outside. There’s some fuel and it’s generally a warm, comfortable day.

The orange paint glistens in the sunlight, ready for a random trip. It could probably do with a clean, but it’s still in full working order all the same. Ready for the dusty road.

Where would you like to go?

Welcome to.. The Hippy Van. Here you will find an eclectic collection of spiritual adventures from around the world, big and small. One just jumps into the virtual VW camper van and sets off…

One day I hope to own some form of brightly coloured, generously seated, somewhat customised camper van.  A full-blown RV would be amazing, but that really is ‘wishful’ thinking. But, a camper van is of course all that is needed. I am hoping to fulfil this simply for the purposes of free travel; one (and friends) can take to the road and go wherever the soul wishes. In pursuit of new locales, freeing the naturist, meeting different souls and creating new memories.

But until then, this is a database for all the alternative adventures found in everyday life. Let the mind soar in pursuit of discovery.

MOST images I use are my own, but if any I use to jazz up my posts pon here are owned by you, please send me a message and I’ll remove them. Namaste


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  1. It’s as if you’re speaking my mind 🙂 my deepest heartfelt desire is to go on my no holds barred travels, far and wide, explore this beautiful planet and meet those who I’ve already connected with in the ethers!! 😉

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