Why Did the Hens Cross the Mountain? Cos they were Brayve as cluck.


Last weekend I stayed in Bray, Ireland for my friend’s ‘Hen Do’- three days of mad ‘girly’ partying stirred up with peaceful beach strolls and lung – busting island hikes.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend, made perfect by a combination of fantastic people, clean air and stunning views.


Such deep, lucious, earthy colours, filling blankets of forest with dewy greens and the like, that invites you in with deep breath, like one giant, leafy hug. So refreshing and satisfying. Therapeutic for both the mind and body, and nutritious for the soul.


Post – spiritual awakening, the end of each new trip I make now leaves me with a new sense of growth and wisdom. Like I’ve discovered another part of myself, within the new pastures I’ve tread. Even if I just go camping for a night- I feel renewed, of sorts.


I’m so grateful for the experience in Bray. And the moment I emerged over the top of that mountain(esque hill), and it felt as if I’d risen over the horizon and sea itself… well, it was breathtaking, to say the least. More than exhilarating… it was nothing short of being on top of the world.


If touring the Earth (or considering it), I’d highly recommend visiting the Irish coast when in Europe. It’s a beautiful country and one I’ll certainly never forget.



"Freedom exists"



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