Warrior Juice


Come one, come all
Be delighted, be enthralled
Bear witness to the fruit
(And veg) of Warrior Juice

This is what I drink most days. Every day would be ideal but preparation does get tedious (I also choose not to pay premium for readily chopped ingredients, since the saving can be allocated elsewhere).


Anything can be added, but the main hero of our concoction is brocolli. Tough, tasty and textured, brocolli is a powerhouse of essential minerals and vitamins for the human body. In fact, it’s so nutritious it even fights off cancer (as do many of the wonderful ingredients of Earth). Honest!

Throw in some spinach, mango, kiwi, lime, avocado, celery, banana, ginger, raspberries,  blueberries, strawberries, pomegranates etc. Whatever takes your fancy. Fruits of course are all powerhouses in themselves, so it’s just a matter of making them work in the right amounts.

Banana and avocado help smooth the texture and ginger gives it a spicy kick, while celery makes it more refreshing. Sometimes I even throw in flax or ground hemp seed for an added nutrient boost. Just try to have more greens to fruit ratio so as not to overdo it on the sugar (about 3:1 is best).


Time to mush it up with super greens

I don’t have an expensive smoothie maker, so instead I whiz the smaller, softer ingredients first, then go in with the brocolli after. At the moment it’s an immersion blender (which admittedly has resulted in a couple of messy accidents), but used tacticly enough it does the job.

Now we’re aware blitzed brocolli might not taste (or look) that fab to everybody… but never fear. It can always be sweetened up with a dash of pure, unconcentrated orange juice (again not too much, due to natural sugar). This also helps water it down if it comes up too thick (as does water, for this one I used coconut water 😉 ). It’s tough but try not to be put off by the murky colour it can turn once the greens go in- since real beauty is on the inside!


WJ can be refridgerated in a jug with cling film, or in individual portions

This hippy’s body has found Warrior Juice most beneficial when consumed on a empty stomach, between 7am-1pm. It’s great to fuel cycling, yoga or just a quick breakfast on the go (try pairing with nuts or seeds if early in the morning)… It also does wonders for the bowel and detoxing!

So the possibilities are endless
Depending on your intentions
The vehicle is kept lean, clean
And basking disease prevention 😁


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