Lessons from the World of ‘Work’


The Workplace is a whole different world.  These strangers you’re placed with, on the third dimensional physical plane, seemingly at random.


I’ve really started to realise how much of an actual universal test it all is.

Since having to function through a few working days a week (I sacrifice 2.5 days a week to earn currency tokens, i.e. money) is what I’ve manifested and the current vibration I’m on, I began to accept the fact that it’s all there to help my soul progress.

Everybody there seems to try my patience in some way. Even if it’s miniscule and barely noticeable… There are decent people who you’re more grateful for and actually get on with. But there’s still something about them that touches some nerve.

But I realise they’re all just a reflection of myself. And I get mad because there’s a part of myself in all of their behaviours, and because I feel stuck in a reality I don’t want… but have created myself. I opted in to be an economic slave for this company.

So must begin the alterations; higher vibrations, an increase in love for myself and those I work with. And more gratitude for the job that I clearly did ‘want’ at some point, since I applied for it not once, but twice. Only then will things improve and start shifting toward the kind of reality that I not only attract, but truly desire.




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