6 Higher Thoughts on Moving House


Having moved house 3 times in the past 2 years, (whilst also going along the path of progressive enlightenment), it’s really dawned on me to what extent ‘stuff’ is needed in our lives. Of course you know where this is going; it isn’t a huge extent. In fact, for the most part, stuff is pretty useless.

1. I’d estimate 90% of the things I own, I don’t need. Realistically it’s probably higher, but I could list the stuff I do need quicker.

Such as:

Cooking stove/pot
Carving knives
A roof and 4 walls (it could be made from anything, even hemp!)
Plots to grow food
A cushioned area (for relaxing and sleeping)
A blanket
A towel
1 pair of casual shoes
1 pair of walking/hiking shoes
A couple of hoodies/jumpers
A couple pairs of leggings/bottoms
Curtains/window coverings

I can’t think of any more right now, and I’m honestly trying.

2. I really don’t need the following (but not limited to) material items:

20 pairs of shoes
7 black bags full of clothes
Piles of books
Wall plaques
Shampoos/moisturising creams etc

Alas, I stumbled again on thinking of any more…..

3. So what happens to the tonne of items I still have left over, many of which are literally piled in boxes awaiting a place inside my new ‘home’ upon the 3D plane? I don’t even REALLY need the chest of drawers half constructed next to me, nor the piles of cutlery, dishes, plates and pans.

4. So in effect, it seems where those two circumstances meet in the middle, where they must either coincide, or cancel each other out, there must surely be the middle ground?

That middle ground is the realisation that I do need all of this stuff. Upon this 3D reality, within a totalitarian western society, I require a multitude of products, in order to function as a normal (acceptable) human being. I also actually enjoy having little pieces of decor that make my home here feel more comfortable. It’s in my human nature, isn’t it?


Yes, I do reside in abundance compared to many in poverty stricken countries. In fact, in comparison to the rest of the world, I’m a spoilt brat. But within the smaller circle of my city, my area, and many of my friends and acquaintances, when it comes to materialist goods, I am of the poorer sect. For a long time I struggled to meet the financial demands of food and eating; much of which was almost always funded by my bff (for which I’m forever grateful and fortunate).

5. The harder reality is, compared to many people, I have the bare minimum of stuff required to function the barest (minimally) to society.

So I have a couple of smart trousers for work/interviews/funerals, along with a smart pair of black shoes, for the same occasions. I rarely wear any of them, but they’re there on hand, should the need arise. Humorous really.

The same with my clothes, trainers, cushions, home decorating items, furniture, etc. All of it is ‘required’ in this consumer – driven, Western culture that I incarnated into. I work everyday on imagining my dreams into a reality, but now I’m stuck hovering over this keypad, trying to figure out where I want to take it from here.

6. It’s fascinating here on the physical plane; , every tiny piece of matter needs storage space and carrying around to its new location on Earth. But in ‘reality’, none are needed at all. It’s just a fabrication, created by the state to ensure we stay on their endless roundabout; continually working and consuming.

When does it end?

One day.

Though next time round, I hope/plan to be leaving with none of it whatsoever (except my rucksack).



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