5 Very Simple , Questionable Facts on Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance


BEFORE anybody begins to read this article (whether you identify yourself as interested member of the public, student, journalist, troll or MI5) I’d like to make a small plea.

I’ve taken the time to research, ‘investigate’ and write this, not to cause an uproar, confusion or ‘affect the ongoing investigation’ , and certainly not to paint myself a TARGET on my own head and wait for MI5 to take me out.

I’ve put pen to paper (followed by keyboard to screen) with this for ONE reason, and that concerns the little girl who’s as of yet still unable to have peace, wherever she may be. So I plea:

WHEN YOU read, please hold Madeline deep inside your heart, the whole way through.Please cover her with a beautiful, bright, white light, that will powerfully and constantly send her true love and peace, and will protect her at all times.


My heart is filled with so much sadness when I think about the poor little girl who has suffered, both at the hands of human beings and the media aftermath.

The entity that is the Mainstream Media (I refer mostly to the British), continues in its mission to ensure the British public always ‘remember’ that Madeleine was definitely abducted. Because Kate and Gerry McCann were cleared, remember?

My aim here is not to point the finger at any one person, business, newspaper or Government institution. I’m simply going to list some facts that question the stories that have been put out there. Then you may decide for yourself what did/could have/ didn’t happen with the disappearance of a 3-year old British girl from her holiday apartment in Praia Da Luz. And identify any holes in the stories (there are many, but I’m sure you already know that). Her parents made, changed and withdrew statements throughout the investigation… the investigation which became a Media frenzy from day one… the investigation which included world-reknown sniffer dogs who smelt ‘death’ and ‘blood’, both in the apartment and the McCann’s hire car… the mystery that was swooped upon by the British Government from the beginning… which then became an untouchable subject by anybody other than the mainstream media… the mainstream media whose stories are monitored by the same gentleman that was also appointed as the McCann’s public spokesperson… who was friends with Rupert Murdoch’s son… who sold millions of newspapers over the story… which never once published any relevant facts… such as the statement made by the McCann’s friend Katherina Gaspar to Leicestershire Constabulary over concerns of paedophilia within their holiday group…which the police failed to pass on to Portugese officers for five weeks…

I’ll stop there. I’m sure you see how messy the whole thing is. and a lot of the evidence is extremely daunting. So instead of madly pointing the finger or coming to some crazy-ass conclusions… I’ve instead listed five of some of the most relevant, questionable facts surrounding Madeleine’s disappearance. But please remember, as you read, to keep Madeleine within your heart, blanketed and safe in a beautiful white light, as we hope and pray to help her one day find the peace she finally deserves.

1. Multiple holes in the Tapas 9’s accounts

Within twenty-four hours of Madeleine’s disappearance, her parents had changed their story. Which continued throughout the investigation as holes in theirs (and the rest of the Tapas 9) began to develop.

In their original police statement, the McCanns said somebody must have ‘shimmied’ open the bedroom window from the outside, climbed through, taken Madeleine from her bed and back through the window. But, as is public knowledge, this claim was quickly disregarded, as the Manager of the Hotel confirmed there was no sign of forced entry, nor damage to the window. Not to mention Kate McCann’s fingerprint was (the only one) found on the window (which showed signs of recently being cleaned).

Suddenly the McCanns were forced to change their story, though extremely cautious as to whether they in fact left through the front door, or the patio door. Finally deciding on the patio door, this in turn contradicted earlier statements by Kate, who’d at first said it was impossible that, rather than being abducted, Maddie could have woken and wandered off by herself… as “she wasn’t strong enough to open the patio door”.

But if this were truly the case, why, upon changing the story about how the supposed abductor gained entry, did she then state they’d left by the patio door, and left it unlocked… “in case there was a fire.” So, which is the viable story? Let’s also not forget that not long after a Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’ programme about the case, they both officially retracted their statements via their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, who we’ll touch on also soon.

2. The truth was almost sniffed out… then buried

The ‘world-reknown’ blood hounds that were brought in to assist with the investigation picked up two scents in both the McCann’s holiday apartment and the car hired by them three weeks after Madeleine disappeared; ‘blood’ and ‘death’.

These dogs, who had apparently never been found to be wrong, picked up these scents. The smell of blood was also present on Madeleine’s ‘Cuddle Cat’ soft toy, which Kate proceeded in washing (what about potential DNA evidence?) and then kept with her wherever she went. The couple simply brushed off the findings by saying the dogs simply “aren’t reliable”. In who’s opinion? Well apparently it doesn’t seem to matter, as once British police got hold of the investigation, this ‘evidence’ was disregarded anyway.

3. MI5 and their drive

The heavy and immediate involvement and intervention of the British Government and officials is definitely not to be overlooked. These included, but certainly weren’t limited to, then Deputy Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Jill Renwick (who happened to be a close friend of both Mr Brown and the McCanns) and Clarence Mitchell (of the Media Monitoring Unit).

What was their keen interest? Was it just that the McCanns had friends in high places, or the Government’s concern over Brits reputations abroad? Or did they have a hand in the more sinister covering up of an unthinkable crime, choosing to support and protect the perpetrators?

Screenshot lifted from 'Buried by the Mainstream Media'

Screenshot lifted from ‘Buried by the Mainstream Media’

The gentleman appointed as the McCann’s official spokesperson was Clarence Mitchell, whose job (as confirmed by himself) “is to basically control what comes out in the media”. He was also a good friend of Matthew Freud, the son-in-law of Media Mogul (and owner of all our souls) Rupert Murdoch. Handy, to say the least. And we can’t forget just how many newspapers were sold on the back of this story (it was millions).

Mitchell was actually required to report directly to 10 Downing Street regarding any news stories he overlooked (and ultimately controlled). He was subsequently in charge of all the news stories about the Madeleine case, the continuing investigation and anything connected to the McCanns. The stories which of course, aside from arousing speculation (of an abduction), nothing has ever come of.

4. There are two stories of what happened: one is the truth, and the other was fabricated by the Mainstream Media.

The constant bombardment of media coverage (especially in Britain) by the mainstream media, was essentially utilised to convince and continually (even still now) remind the public that this is what happened- there is no other possibility other than she was most definitely abducted.

There's no question about what the British media want us to think happened

There’s no question about what the British media want us to think happened

There barrage of empty reports talking of possible sightings of Maddie the world over- from Germany to Morocco to the USA- are all stories that had absolutely zero progression in the search, or in unravelling the mystery of what happened.

The same tactics were (and still are) used in the US media year on year, since 9/11, to make sure nobody forgets, nor questions the story of what actually happened on that fateful day. They will only ever report what they want you to ‘know’.

5. The spending habits of the McCanns with the Find Madeleine Fund.


The way the McCanns used the money for the ‘search’ is highly suspect. Millions were raised (mostly from donations by the goodwill of the public) for the Find Madeleine Fund, which is actually not a charity, but registered as a Private Company.

Most of this money has been used towards the McCann’s own legal defence, suing people with an opinion, banning books about the investigation (why?), or the hiring by themselves of Private Investigators. Investigators, might I add, who aside from the fact that they had already been found guilty of committing fraud and money-laundering, had no track record of finding missing children. Why were they chosen by the McCanns to take ownership of finding their daughter?

Well, perhaps it wasn’t a dark decision made by them but rather the people who now come to represent them. The McCanns no longer seemed proactive in their daily lives or their search, but rather like the controlled mannequins of those in higher power. Is it possible they were granted freedom and allowed to get away with.. something, and now subsequently have to continuously play to whatever actions and behaviours they are told, or they’re forever at risk of the whole charade coming crashing down?

Regardless, the said PI company, Metodo 3, was paid £50,000 per month from the Find Madeleine Fund to investigate Maddie’s disappearance. Before looking for Maddie, they specialised in investigating financial swindles, money laundering, espionage, insurance and fraud. There is still also no evidence to say how they contributed to finding Maddie, although there is a lot about how they spent their money (by majorly upgrading their offices, for example).

In fact, Metodo 3 were so disreputable, they were a team of fully-fledged ‘criminals’, with offences ranging from phone tapping, drugs, guns and illegal spying. They did absolutely nothing to aid the search in finding Maddie, but rather just suggested empty leads to give the press something to chew on (and regurgitate all over the British public). Then, it was revealed they paid a  man named Marcos Correla to lie about her possible whereabouts, sparking a staged lake search- all revealed to be funded by Metodo 3. If that’s not a blinding red beacon screaming ‘”SOMETHING FISHY IS GOING ON”, then I don’t know what is.

But remember, these questionable points are just the tip of the iceberg in this mystery. I urge anybody remotely interested to make their own judgements based on the real evidence we have (although not particularly readily) available. I’ve of course listed my own sources here, but I’m sure there are plenty more facts and sources that have been overlooked.

On a final note, I’d like to thank you for (waking up) reading and considering these points, and ask that you say a prayer, or just a thought with positive intent, for Madeline McCann. And keep hope that one day she’ll be granted the peace she so rightfully deserves.

Peace, love and light to all.





Eddie and Keela the Sniffer Dogs- video

P.S. For those looking for another angle, might we consider the implications of the recent death of ‘McCann Troll’ Brenda Leyland? I personally wouldn’t disregard the possibility that she didn’t commit suicide. But that’s for another time (and I’m just a nutty conspiracy theorist).

P.P.S. If you found this page, you dodged the censor.


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  1. If you think the McCanns are innocent then you may find this email asks more questions about their actions when looking for their child? Documented facts don’t lie, they do?

    You may find this copy of my email to Wendy Murphy dated 12.5.2016 interesting?

    Information about the McCanns you don’t know about?

    Hi Wendy,

    I recently saw your interview on youtube about the McCanns ducking 48 relevant questions and it’s no more than a PR stunt. I totally agree with you! They seem to always send the investigation the wrong way.

    After Madeleine vanished on 3rd May 2007 I wrote to the McCanns in June 2007 via their web site with info that wasn’t in the public domain. To help I also gave them something only Mrs. McCann knew about like the last memory she has of Madeleine playing with her wedding ring in the apartment were she vanished from. With this in mind I’m sure most graving parents would clime mountains swim alligator infested rivers and jump through fire to to ask how did he know her last memory and the other stuff! Wouldn’t you? So why didn’t they? Gilt and the fear of being exposed springs to mind.
    Considering that bit of info was only known to Mrs McCann and wasn’t published until more than a year or so later in the News of The World from extracts of Mrs. McCanns private diary that the police had.
    The very last part she states the last memory she has of Madeleine is her playing with her wedding ring in the bedroom. That was only a small part of the info I sent them but the only response I got was from his sister asking are you the famous psychic Gordon Smith. No was my answer nor am I a psychic and he is what us Scott’s call a sweetie wife useless.

    I always knew something wasn’t right about their story of events but like most people I didn’t won’t to get to involved and I was getting slated by followers of the McCanns for doing it. But I repeated by asking why they didn’t respond because every time I looked it ended with the child in the room playing with her ring and does this mean anything to them. I’m sure I must have had them on edge because the other info wasn’t at the time in the public domain and they must have feared mainstream media picking up the story. Apart from that how can they defend their lack of actions to simply ask. I even told them not to listen to Jan Turners as she is totally wrong. Maybe it was the part about the man in the car driving out of the resort who looks like Mr. McCann?

    I told them they would always be suspects and I put it out of my mind however, it wasn’t until last week 3nd May 2016 when the anniversary of Madeleine was back in the news that made me think about them again.

    I was looking though youtube and came across your interview and I also watched the Richard TV’s 4 hours video of Madeleine McCann when the penny finally dropped and revamped my sanity. Clearly the info I sent them they didn’t won’t known as it rips their story apart.

    With this in mind your observations and to ignore the interviews question and jump to your opinion it’s a PR stunt is justifiably. right.

    Finally I don’t class myself as a psychic or do anything like that. I’m more like what the CIA call a time bender. Before you dismiss this I would state all my work and not anything written by other’s is time dated documented prof of events not known about at the time of publishing the info. You could ask your media friends at Fox news NY Times and so on because they all got copy’s of my letters at the same time they were sent to Blair/Bush and so on.
    Below is an example of a small part of my history.
    Put it this way the CIA in 2003/4 closed my hot mail down twice and my web site at the same time. Therefore I decided to send Mr. CIA an email with isn’t it better to know the future than chance it? Well my futureatme@hotmail is still up and running.

    Think about this to tell the white house staff of events that could not be predicted and then happen let alone make G W Bush address the world with the exact words I told them he would say.
    I’m sure you will agree that is a dangerous thing to do. But it had to happen?
    If you recall the riots around the world over a cartoon and the governments surprise about it, is a lie. I have the letters from Tony Blair responding to my warnings about the cartoon a year before it was ever drawn or published. They knew about it just like the 2007 rescission I warned Tony Blair and Ford, GM, The RBS and so on about in 1996/7. I told the companies chairmen’s they would have to go cap in hand to bail them out. I’m sure you can imaging the smirks of their staffs faces as they responded to my letters. If it is written by me and no action is taken then it will happen.

    Yours sincerely,
    Gordon Smith.

    • Hi Gordon, thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m interested to know more about what happened between yourself and the McCanns after Madeleine’s disappearance. As far as the internet shows, they approached you for help?

      • Hi Faithplus 1,

        Sorry this is a bit long but trying to give an account of what they were given and didn’t response too is part of the bigger picture to why they use a psychic who couldn’t help and not me who gave them real info they only knew about and was true.

        If I recall it was his sister that responded asking if I was the psychic Gordon Smith and as I stated there was no further contact from them. I think at one point the said psychic was involved and couldn’t help. I tried to give them info without pointing the finger at them because I wonted to know why Madeleine stops in the apartment at the same part the wedding ring. Did this mean anything to them so I can understand it and get her to move on from that part. No response from them.

        When Jane Tanner statement about the man carrying a child came out I stated to the McCanns via their PR web site find Maddy that J T is totally wrong and, do not go down the road she is taken the investigation. Again with no response from them I knew then there is something wrong with what they are doing. It was years later when Mr. Mccanns re-enactment of the event of that night. Gave the game away. In his voice had the pitch of an angry man’s when he contradicted J T’s version of event’s. I knew I had been spot on at the time and asked myself why didn’t they respond knowing she was wrong and exactly what I had warned them about.
        For the child to be taken out of the window as in their statement and J T’s account of the man and child. Then Madeleine would have to be sleeping the other way round contrary to their police statement that was also private info.
        Sorry for getting her name wrong as I used to refer her as J T and it was many moons ago. Yesterday I was going over some of the copy’s of my emails to the McCanns I noticed her name. But Jane Tanner stated she saw one man with a child not two. The private police theory was to have transported a child out via the window it had to be two or more people. Even at the point of her viewing the one man the police thought more people would be heading in the same direction even trying to divert attraction or help to conceal the child. I wrote at the time the child’s feet would have been the other way round and it would have been her head that J T saw dangling unless there was more than one person. Anyway I knew she was wrong all I was trying to do is make contact at the time with the McCanns as someone on their side.
        But the story the McCanns and media ran with, was all about looking for this man. I was telling the McCanns ignore her she is wrong. But now we know the reason why they jumped on the man story and use the media’ Looks like it was to hid the truth and send the investigation the wrong way. But in the confusing when she tried to interrupt Mr.McCann in the re-enactment explains his irritation with her a loose cannon that could bring the cover up down.
        Clearly the McCanns didn’t wont to know about anything other than they’re version. Even the red car going out of the resort or the house because it could put the investigation back on the right track and point the finger back on them. I’m sure in one of the emails to them I was hinting at the love attraction thing she had and wasn’t convinced she wasn’t part of it.

        Some of the stuff I sent them was via their private box so I could give info without the McCanns public followers condemning me like I got. Also I could show some of my history and how I knew her last memory of Madeleine. But still nothing even when I sent them some of my history. Like I meet Gordon Brown in Gilmerton Miners in Edinburgh in 2005 general election campaign. I personally handed him a brown envelop that had reminders of my letters to PM Blair about the massive recession that would happen in 2007/8. I warn Blair’s administration in 1997 this would happen in ten years time. But all I got back was the PM has to many engagements to see me and thanks for you info. Also in that envelop was copy of my letters to RBS chairman and all of the committee members, Ford cars, General Motors and so on dated 1996/7. I also told them they would go cap in hand to save their companies and if there was any person in their business that could predict events in ten years time then they would not be getting this letter from me. So why did they ignore my advice and let it happen?
        I also sent the car companies a concept car that would become number one best seller in Europe. The Citron picasso was that car and I did at the time send the same info to citron and other car manufacturers as well.
        In 2000 when BMW was selling Rover in a well publicized planed reception on the Friday. I was directly in contact with the chairman in Germany via email/fax and snail mail apologising for making him change his mind and selling it instead to the Phoenix consortium and not the expected deal on the Friday as arranged the dun deal with Alchemy. They even had a concept car hidden to be unvalued that morning when BMW was to hand Rover car’s over to Alchemy. I remember watching the news on TV waiting for the news to happen when the shocked world media would report the meeting had been cancelled but don’t know why. I’m sure I did a fist pump with the word back of the net. He did response to my letter.

        Another form of prof because its so outrageous to think its true was to used the same sort of thing on G W Bush when he said we chose to go to Mars statement. I had been in contact with his administration telling them he would address the world and say this exact statement they are now reading in my letter/emails and there is no way to stop him from do it. Well the rest is history he did and I went bake into my shell. Not the brightest repeating thing to do to a President of America but it was a bit of scary fun at the time.

        I don’t normally do people it’s just companies/governments. But trying to show I have had people part I sent them Jill Dando murder. I couldn’t help going into what happened. The pinstripe suit, the tall man, the gun that they later changed to the one I described. The village idiot, the black door and man going in and out. Remember there was no google earth in those days and the house was covered up so you could not know what the two doors were white and black. The watch, white car, red headed woman that still hasn’t been in the public domain yet. The house where the man with a suit he had on was to big for him and so on. I sent the info on a tape to the investigating police. Clearly they didn’t play it.

        I could go on in the early 1990s I got a pop start to help me make a record B.I.N.G.O. that I tried to convince the Sun newspaper they would use in time to promote internet bingo. They responded with we don’t see a future in bingo or the internet. Well they used it and they have internet bingo as do other’s I contacted like Ladbrokes who also declined my offer. I think wink bingo recently used it in their TV add.
        Didn’t get a penny for it and it’s sort of embarrassing to her it as it was for time dated future project like the Sun.

        Obviously there’s stuff I can’t publicly state. But that was things before 2007 to give them an idea of what I do. Put it this way I would think any normal parents who were desperately look to find their child and someone offered free private help with info about his history as some form of prof. That is also documented in black and white via the said companies and so on. Let alone tell them of their personal not in the public domain last memory they have of their child. I’m sure most parents would do as previously stated and ask the obvious questions how did you know and what do you know? But what did they do ignore all of that and go with what they knew was a lie from J T and ask a psychic they knew couldn’t harm their story unlike me. I did tell them fear is a terrible thing to live with.
        Clearly from the start hiding the truth is what they set out to do!

        Yours truly,
        Gordon Smith

  2. MI5 and their drive

    this becomes clearer when the name gordon brown is mentioned…
    google Anthony Charles Lynton Blair & search from the links brought up…
    friends in high places with common needs

    • Thanks Paul. It’s crazy when you Google this vs just ‘Tony blair’ the difference on returns.. I don’t know what to believe as far as he and Gordon Brown are on the sex offenders list? But I really really wouldn’t put it past them, nothing surprises me with those in power any more, and it’s just yet another ‘coincidence’ concerning Maddies parents and friends in high places.

  3. I’m actively going though my hot mail letters looking for the one I wrote to G W Bush when he was in his first Presidency “that which lIES beneath the South china sea” Obviously its to do with what is going on now. But I’ve got to find it before the dark people find it you know CIA and so on. They shout down my hot mail accounts in 2003/4 and my web site. Clearly they didn’t like to know what was going to happen in the future. Remember the first cartoon riots about Mohamed on a rocket? Well Tony Blair gove and Bush were sent letter’s/fax’s about it a year before it was ever drawn/thought of. So they where prepared for it!
    Anyway I came across one of the emails to the McCanns web site.

    Subject: Last November I told you about Madeleine playing with your ring.
    Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 16:39:52 +0100
    Dear Mr & Mrs. McCann.
    I left contacting find Madeleine web site until months later because no matter what I said would be believed. If you look back at my email from last November you will see the part about Madeleine playing with your wedding ring and the fact it kept on popping up. I knew it was a key moment in time and I stopped sending emails with advice early this year simply because there was no way of convincing you until the extracts of Mrs McCann’s diary became public. You will also see I was stuck because every time I looked at Madeline she was plying with a wedding band, until now. I hoped by stating this someone at find Madeleine would inform you to just look at the part and realised how could I have known this and then helped me to understand why Madeline was showing me this part. But no one answered my emails, why?
    Believe it or not that was Gods answering you Mrs McCann and it has also now opened the door past that point for me.
    I’m not a person who judges people in any way or form nor am I knocking anyone’s ability to help. Psychic or any person given info to help find out what happened that day, grate. But sometimes it’s helpful to have a person’s like me that is not directly involved professionally but has proven ability beyond anything you will have come across before. Think about it, apart from you who else knew about your last memory of Madeleine playing with your ring until it became public in the News of the World. How could I have known this last November?
    God Bless
    Gordon Smith.

    • Hi Gordon
      I am relieved to find someone with the gift who has not been sucked in by the official story.
      rom what I can gather the McCanns have not got any psychics/mediums/remote viewers into help also from what I can gather the Barber GB has not been taken up on his offer. Wel lit is obviou why. I have read somewhere that they refused to participate in a program from USA that gets Psychics to try & solve crimes. This Prog is on Net, I watched about 5 mins & turned it of as it was a load of tosh or maybe I have only one mindset I follow the opposite of the MC supporters. I felt it from day 1 when i heard on CNN news that 2 Dr’s never had a babysitter.
      I was over in CZ at time having IVF treatment & my little girl Willow was put into my womb the next day 04/05/07 so I can remember MBM story so well, but I left it there. I never became Interested or knew any facts of the case until Oct 2013 on seeing the Ad for crimewatch & K8 telling the UK she/they had done nothing wrong.
      I did wonder if any Mediums had been called in so I googled it & found the above, but I also found a FB forum HideHo Controversy then I delved a bit & found my gut feelings were correct & here I am at 2 am writing as I have become a bit obsessed & the reason I think is it is all coming to a head.
      I have tried to look into the cards & come up with a few things that are a bit far fetched like Witchcraft, but that is my own stupid mind. But then one day I was on a forum & heard the Big ship sails on the Ally Ally oh, I have sat in circle & attended a Spiritualist church so I knew I was being give a clue. I have since heard what ddi Della wear boy & in the verses it is telling a story, but that is for another time.
      I told a very much non believer in Spiritual matters & Atheist to look out for something big happening from the end of september /beginning Oct of which turned out to be Brenda’s Death, which was not in vain & the Mcs downfall ! the reason as thousands of people started delving & put 2 + 2 together so the tables turned. Within the Newspaper FB comments 95% were saying they had something to do with it of which has now progressed to the papers allowing the neg comments on there own page’s, Only 2 years ago FB comments were deleted & moderated on their own page allowing only support comments. Now The Currant Bun loves to get the Public riled up into slating them on FB.
      I have now fond the forensic astrology on net & find it fascinating how most of these astrologers come up with near the same theory from where the planets were at the time,I have seen a comment from your good self & found it was not the Barber GD but you who said about the ring (on the forums people think it was him).
      I have also found a Tarot reader on net who is an avid supporter of McCs, I must ay she hits the nail on the head but she puts it all in their favor, but looking from the outside in & stuff she predicted, its plain to see her readings is the reverse. Her name is Empathy & she has not blogged since 2014 so i guess the penny may have dropped.
      Now Gordon I have finally got to the point I wanted to ask you, Is this all going to come out soon or is SY Op Grange going to cover up.?
      My 2nd ? what have they done with her as I note lot of those Astrologers keep getting her at home, This has got me wondering if they got her back to UK by private plane as they were given free use of one or drove too France, got meet & on the ferry which would explain the high milage on hire car.
      Sorry this is so long wided but I am in ore of your work & wanted to share my feelings onthis subject.
      In the mean time I will ask the universe that Madeleine will get justice.
      Karen ( pro Care-Ran)

  4. Why have you removed the response from the McCann’s web site?

    It clearly showed they knew about the info I sent them and the fact Mrs. McCann was the only person that had this private info about her last memory of her child. That info didn’t come into the public domain until years later. Remember it was Mr. McCann who stated they would consider any viable information about their child. Considering what else I told them. If that was me and I was genuinely looking for my child as the great Marvin and Tammi would say, ain’t no mountain high, ain’t no valley low, ain’t no river wide enough to keep me away from how that person knew my wife’s secret info and the rest.

  5. Hi Karen,

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your interesting comments therein. I had planted stuff in the email that was taken down and that is what I was responding too.

    There is a dangerous side to what I do and when other’s like the barber doesn’t say that’s not my info. In the same way as I informed the McCanns I am not the barber. Then he is taken credit for something that’s not his and doing so blurring the truth to why Madeleine stopped at that point in time. But in doing so he like other’s allows me the opportunity to hide below my parapet. There are endless examples of my info being used by other’s. Professor Hawkins G.O.D mirror time bubble space he now freely takes credit for. The amount of times I could go that was me is scary. As is the Carrie moments!

    Time scale. In 2007 you could leave the McCanns a private message or go public. Sometimes I sent private info. In one I offered them the opportunity to meet up at St. Patrick’s Church in Edinburgh under the guidance of a priest so that everything would be confidential and out of my hand’s. I also told them 15 years is a long time for anyone’s mindset to be held responsible for the disappearance of their child. I saw who was in the car and where it went.
    Sometimes seeing and believing is like the film Ghost were he putt’s his head into the underground carriages as they zoom by and there is so much to see.
    Very seldom do I get to reflect as it’s like a million pictures flashing by. It’s only when I get that moment like now I can go back and look at stuff like your response. A lot of stuff happened in 2007. Stuff I wrote about in 97 for 2007 was about to unfold as stated. I was closing the door on G W Bush and the Blair government and passing info over to Obama like what was going to happen in the South China Sea. In fact it was only this year that I recalled the bright star like shape in the night sky of 2007. It looked like a star until I looked at it via a telescope and saw it open up to send info from deep space. Contact has been made.
    What I’m trying to get to is thing happen within minutes or years.
    Example sort term.
    PM Theresa May shocked the world by having a snap election. This is a time dated example that I sent around the world at the same time as I sent it to the PM May. It also shows how I do it in order to still hide. Think about it?

    From: MAY, Theresa
    Sent: 28 March 2017 17:09
    To: Gordon Smith
    Subject: Automatic reply: 11th hour. PM May, Is this your legacy from Supermarket to corner shop?

    Thank you for your email. 

    Subject: 28th March look back at your email? Free advice! Under National security reasons you could put off pushing the Brexit button and do a Pontius Pilate, wash your hands and go to the country for you know not what you do!

    Told you Pontius Pilate the art of illusion! Easter Weekend!
    She made up her mind to have a snap election over the Easter weekend. Contrary to what she had previously publicly stated many time. Even leading up to that weekend.
    I hope this give you a better understanding to the jigsaw of info.

    Yours sincerely,
    The first futureatme
    Gordon Smith.

    P.S After I wrote this I looked on the net and yes the Barber is liked to some of my stuff. He’s what my late mum would call a sweetie wife. Urban Dictionary!

    • Mr Gordon Smith
      I hope your safe & I think you really do know…I hope that yoyu are well & find away to get your mind to calm & let you be for a bit…You are wonderful a modern day seaer…

      • Thank you for your kind thoughts. I hope you find this interesting. This is a documented email acknowledged by PM T May’s staff. Hopefully it will help explain the info already given.

        From: MAY, Theresa
        Sent: 28 March 2017 17:09
        To: Gordon Smith
        Subject: Automatic reply: 11th hour. PM May look back at your email? Free advice! Under National security reasons you could put off pushing the Brexit button and do a Pontius Pilate, wash your hands and go to the country for you know not what you do!
        Told you Pontius Pilate the art of illusion! Easter Weekend

        The email she responded to stated she would foolishly (you know what you do) change her mind last Easter and call a general election. The next part stated she could cancel Brixit under national security reasons.

        Making decisions isn’t easy as you have to go into the future and come back step by step before you change a mind.

        I will break down the info given in the documented emails to US senators who responded to my emails from for the last 20 years with the warnings about what is going to happen in the future under national security reasons.
        In the early 2000s President G W Bush was sent the email about the Chines building Islands in the South China Sea. Obviously they ignored the free advice and now the Islands and more are built.

        For those who still doubt this I should give an example of jumping/time shifting the word of god. It can be like using someone brain in the future. When I sent President G W Bush info about what he would say and do even before he and the CIA knew about it. Obviously they ignored it and months later said the exact words and did as stated.

        Even chairmen of top companies like Sainsbury’s, BT, Ford BMW, GM, RBS and so on where all contacted like Clinton, Bush and Tony Blair and given the opportunity to see the future. As history and the documented evidence shows they ignored my free help. And the pain started for them and us.

        The US should and still could build the North Atlantic link to stop Putins/red alliances Plans.

        I had a website named the Kiss of death and if you were on it then your chairmanship was doomed. That and two hot-mail accounts were shut down by the CIA because I tried to send an email that crossed their line! I reminded them is it not better to know the future than ignore it and, I was invited to NASA in Washington DC in May 1995. Fear is a terrible thing to have to live with. Sometime you can’t stop your brain from wondering? I should point out that NASA was going though financial cuts to their budget. Hence the reason why I maid Bushy boy do a U-Turn in his governments mind set and fund the Mars program. I made his use Kennedy famous we chose to go to. And put in Mars.

        That’s the parts I can openly tell you about because at the same time of sending him the Letters/fax’s and emails. I sent copy’s of them to other out lets like the N T newspaper and Universities across the US and some in the UK. It is truly stamped in time and can’t be changed.

        I should add this part in. The Sky news ocean rescue plan stop plastic waste is a mark in time for myself.
        In 1993 when I started this long term thinking all plastic would have been recycled and help pay for the NHS, Schools and affordable housing. Tony Blair, Richard Branson and many other top companies stated recycling plastic isn’t part of their long term plans. Blair was going down the road of private investments never ending paying it back plan. Dumb!

        I have tried to stop what is coming and continue to do so before time runs out.

        Gordon Smith futureatme Scotland Edinburgh.

  6. Tweeted to Julie Anne Etchingham

    21 4 2019.
    I’m going to watch your program about Ms Dando.
    But the police missed the redhead, white car and so on. However, they did change their mindset to what was the first description of events. Man gun and so on. To what I sent them on two tapes.
    Trust, belief, well maybe you could look at the info I sent the McCann and they ignored. It’s on the net.
    What I wrote back then I documented via other outlets for authenticity reasons. So, I cannot change it. A long read. But isn’t worthwhile to find the truth. The Dando info runs into Diana and is scary stuff.
    • 5 Very Simple, Questionable Facts on Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance
    • EARTHSHIPS: We Come In Peace

    The Dando info runs into Diana and is scary stuff.
    At the time I was doing a test in Edinburgh University and I didn’t have a computer so I sent the info via tapes to the police in London. It would be interesting to listen back at the info given before the police change their public story to agree with what is on those tapes.

    Your documentary Jill 20 years on, was nothing new.
    Had you listened to those two cassette tapes? Then it would have been unquestionably more engrossing. You’ve got access to them. I haven’t.

  7. futureatme@futureatme
    2m2 minutes ago
    @PMTheresaMay_ Huawei. PM May. In 2002 I warned the UK and USA gov. about Chinas plan to build artificial islands in the South China Sea. Blair and Bush ignored my warnings then. If you can’t see it. Then you can’t stop it. Tomorrow’s children are looking back?

    28.4.2019 at 19.18pm


    Had no idea this article would draw so much attention – thank you shills and bots for revealing yourselves, and consequently confirming the information about the McCann’s is of significant interest. All I want is for justice to be delivered for this little girl.

    Her name is MADELEINE and she will NEVER be forgotten.

    Darkness is being blinded by the light. Full panic mode. Keep shilling – keep outing yourselves.

  9. Might I add – “@PMTheresaMay_ Huawei. PM May.” – what is this about? Never seen a statement so robotic, ever. My phone is Huawei brand. I tweet about Theresa May etc, re. BREXIT. THIS IS ALL CONNECTED.

    Your mobile phone is spying on you.

    Byebye deep state, bye bye EU, byebye AI algorithms no longer adding to the illusion, the brainwashing. Every time I visit McCann stories on my PC, random disinformation pops up on my phone after. Phone is in the bin now.

    Shit just got real.

  10. Hi faithplus1,
    Lets just say my hobby is government secretes to warn them of their mistakes in the future. In order to help us from their stupidity.
    Before I get to Huawei. I’m must do an update on the McCanns. The 15 year I gave is almost upon us.

    I’m just back from that part of the world where a child never came home. However, the info I sent to the McCanns in 2007 of what they know but deliberately held back i.e., don’t want the public to know about, still stands unchanged. The fear they have placed on the UK media to blank any part of the truth being published is astonishing. Also astonishing is the willingness of the UK police to follow the paper chasing game the McCanns have plaid for years. Rather than follow the facts. Hay true to form they did the same with the Jill Dando murder and so on.
    But let’s be honest. Dog’s can’t lie. Only humans DO! But I’m not hear to tell any cop what to do. But the first thing I would do is, look back at all the correspondences via the McCanns help find Maddy web site. And, as soon as I saw what Mr McCann was responding to and, ignoring. Then alarm bells would be ringing rather than the sound of paper chasing the art of illusion the police seem to be listening to.

    Now Huawei.
    Let me expand the picture. In 2002 I tried to publish info about beyond wiretapping i.e., big brother ability to use peoples personal devices and other outlets to listen in and track any person anywhere. But as I sent the info via a public library computer I was using, it crashed. Tried a few other ones and they cashed to. Tried it again a few days later but I soon realised my Hotmail was shut down. Scary stuff. I must have stepped on government’s toes!
    A day or so later I opened up a new account. Put in the floppy disk and pressed send. But this time all the computer cashed simultaneously. A week or so later. I soon realised that not only my two previous accounts had been shut down. But so was my 1 to 1 web site.
    After a bit of thinking I opened another new account and sent an email. Dear Mr CIA to the NY Times/CIA. Is it not better to know the future than rather just guess it. Along with a few parts of info. I have still have the same email address to this day. And I never sent the email that started the closures. And is the reason why sometimes I have to go on a roundabout way to plant info for the future.
    They were doing that then. Just think how far they have moved on by now. To let China in on the game is insane to easily drive you insane.

    Sometimes the best-kept secrets are my story. It’s becoming harder to hide.
    God bless.

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