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Chemtrails, Con-tales & a little Fairytale



First off, I’d just like to mention that I started drafting this post back in July. Now two months later as I revisit it, I just looked up at my living room window and outside I’m greeted with two wispy streaks of chemical crap pasted across the sky.

Ah well. Anyway. When I first stumbled upon the issue of chemtrails, and actually realised what those odd looking ‘clouds’ were, it sent an icy shudder through me. ‘This can’t be real’, I’d think. ‘Our Government can’t possibly be allowed to get away with spraying our skies and letting us be rained upon with toxic entities…’ For all of five seconds.

So the intrigue grew. Daily, I’d gaze up at the clouds with wonder. I began pointing the trails out more. ‘See how they’re different from contrails?’ Suddenly I found myself almost obsessed- waking up and seeing them through the window in the morning. This began to set my days up with negative vibes as soon as I opened ny eyes. Definitely not good.

So I tried to forget about them. Then somehow I found myself finally give in to the movie, Why In The World Are They Spraying?, which until then I’d politely avoided. Like the plague. Until I knew of the film’s existence, I could ignorantly pledge no real knowledge of chemtrails, and that’s how I liked it.

I won’t go into details here. I’ll let you find them, if that knowledge is what you seek. I’ve linked Why In The World Are They Spraying? at the bottom of the page. But to sum up, the facts of chemtrails are far more mind blowing than I could ever imagine. Basically, control the weather, control the world. But I can’t say I’m not surprised, which is perhaps the saddest part.

The movie was actually very good; well researched, informative and fair. And just confirmed for me my fears of what might be behind those feindish deeds in the sky.

But now a couple of months have passed, and I’m sort of forgetting about them. ‘Forget’ is perhaps not the right word; not ignoring… tolerating? More than tolerating…

I think now that some of the questions have been answered (however dark or disturbing), I can rest a little better. I’m at peace with them.

Yes, these are very negative things. But I can match those with equally positive, good things. I can give out so much love and light, even in the face of the darkness, and it will help eliminate even the tiniest fraction of the shadowy intent. And that, I believe, is another beautiful element of our Being, and this wondrous universe we are blessed to be present in.

Peace out lovers
And keep watching the skies! 😉

Why in the World are They Spraying? (Full Length)…:


Waltzing with Buzz



Breaking Bad is one of my all time favourite TV shows, and one that I love to analytically strip down (no anal puns intended). So many of the episodes (for me) seem to be representing social, cultural and even spiritual values. One episode in particular that always gets me thinking is ‘Fly’ (season 3, episode 10). The never-ending buzzing of that fly, combined with Walt’s intensifying stress and angst, made it such a memorable episode.

To me, the fly represents karma. It is the pinnacle of Walt’s guilt.

Flies buzz around annoying people. Flies eat shit; that kind of karma. If you’re coming back as a fly, you potentially did some terrible things in previous lives. Or pretty shitty to say the least.

Walt was on the edge (as always) wrestling with the possibility that his life was soon to end (or worse, he could get caught – by Hank). His guilt was consuming him, his conscience lost in a haze of almost evil black cloud, barely visible to him any more.

And there is that damn fly that won’t quit; it out smarts him every time. It may only be a fly, but it’s equipped with all it needs to evade Walt’s clutches- superspeed. And so long as Walt keeps missing it, his guilt mounts and consumes him, as he continues down the path of self (and soul)-destruction

But that’s just this hippy’s opinion. I’d love to hear somebody else’s. Here on this barren webspace of a blog!

Peace out, lovers.

The Secret Garden Party- Festination Unknown


Only a few hours into day 1 of the Secret Garden Party Festival and the entire experience had already hit me like a ton of hay. Literally,  people were climbing up 12 feet stacks of hay. The lad that set the trend off sat merrily atop the stack, his pupils huge and shiny, with his legs swinging like a little boy.

At 12.40 am I was in my sleeping bag, cocooned safely away from the mania that was 20,000 psyched hippy ravers. The atmosphere proved overwhelming; so many (ecstatic) people in one place. The weaving, pushing, dodging the crowds. Though I’m extremely fortunate it was a hippy festival I attended, and not some real hardcore raver fest.

I lay there feeling anxious yet intrigued- what will tomorrow bring? Thinking, I’ve already floated through an enchanted forest, peed with a random girl who had her boobs and nipple piercing out, and stared into a life size kaleidoscope inside a wooden shed.

So far, so good.

Day 2 and I became more accustomed to the crowds, having adjusted to a little ‘half-walk-half-side-step’ kind of walk to dodge bodies and get to your destination in good time.

In the meantime though, I became increasingly concerned about the hygiene situation, but I continued to embrace the atmosphere (not inside the portaloo) and tried not to think about it.

DSCF4298Our view from the treehouse :-p

By the third day, I’d more or less forgotten how disgusting I felt and was fully embracing the amazing atmosphere: hippies, hay bales, greenery, water, forestry, delicious food (mostly organic) and lots and lots of bass music!

My friend and I also joined in a group Tai Chi/ meditation and Q & A session, which was rejuvenating to say the least. We literally floated back to the camp site as if on air. After all the bag carrying, walking and partying, it was definitely a welcome addition to the whole experience.

The land was divided into a few sections, mainly either full of spiritual types or raver types. But in the more relaxed part (I’m sure you can guess which), whilst enjoying a delicious chickpea and spinach curry, I actually overheard three people having a REAL spiritual conversation. This had never happened in my life, and for the first time ever I felt I wasn’t as mental as I often feel.

The highlight of the weekend was the paint party- a huge pit of ravers and hippies next to a lake, armed with (non toxic) paint, basically going wild.



It truly was an amazing experience, four days merged into one long, time-less party. A pure taste of freedom, where time didn’t exist as a concept, except for first thing in the morning- getting up early enough to get to the ‘fresh’ portaloo before the morning rush.