August 2014- Another Conscious Shift


I felt another shift this weekend. The ones that I’ve become increasingly conscious of over the past year or so; where I can literally feel a turning point in evolution.

It’s not something many other people around me seem to experience as intensely as I seem to. Like yesterday I could feel so much positive energy buzzing around me and expanding outside my house, across the city and Earth. But my housemate shrugged and said he feels the same. That said, I know myself I felt something.

Even the most miniscule shift is a shift all the same. It sparks a little something inside me when it happens, like a bright ball of hope glowing inside.

It’s also a full moon weekend. Unsure if that is of any significance,  my inner self seems to think it probably is; no coincidences and all that.

But I’m so grateful for these moments. And they also go a long way in my personal growth. Like gaining wisdom. As if I just collected a Soul Upgrade in the video game of my life. I feel more connected to my higher self when it happens, which could only naturally be a good thing.

Namaste my friends, and continue enjoying your beautiful lives 💞


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