The Tale of Infinite Consciousness


There was once an infinite beam of light and energy immersed within the stratosphere.  A soul (or ‘sole’, meaning One) is what this beaming light and vibrating energy is modernly known as.

This particular soul decided they wanted to visit other planets in order to expand their consciousness (or promote growth of the soul energy). They visited hundreds of planets and worlds in many different vehicles. But what intrigued the soul the most was planet Earth.

The soul visited Earth many times over hundreds of years, using the human body as a platform to bring more light and positive vibrations to the soul and the planet.

Every time the soul was on Earth and the universe asked what they’d like in life (for example, as a ‘wish’), the human-soul would ask for world peace. They wished upon many opportunities; when throwing a penny in a well; when blowing the drained, ready-to-move on heads of dandelions into the air; when blowing out birthday candles (that was a guaranteed wish every year, for many, many years); when a clock struck 11:11. The soul used human traditions throughout its many lives, and every time there was an opportunity for a ‘wish’, world peace would be the wish.

After a while, this particular ball of energy and light ceased to exist in the milky way and third dimension. Its new origins are subjective. But the energy from it was still felt throughout the entire galaxy in which it once did reside. And the universe knew, that wherever this energy had gone, that place was probably even greater than life itself.

Peace, love and blessings to all.



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