CrazyShake, Fun House and The Frisbee


This weekend saw another shift in the universe.  I felt it even stronger than last time, like the ground beneath my feet was literally moving.

Anybody remember the Fun House ‘ride’ at the fairground that would visit local neighbourhoods? There was one part where you’d walk but the floor would go in the other direction, or swing in circles. Well it felt like that.

Only this time I’m a little unsure as to the specifics of where we’re heading now. Both as a world collective, and the circle of close people in my own life. I do have some inklings… but really… All I feel is Change.

Since I became more spiritual and watched the planets more, I’ve felt more changes as they happen. Shifts in consciousness and changes on the Earth plane. I suppose I can’t figure it ALL out though.  Guess I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride…



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