Gratitude in Greatness


I’m grateful for everything in my life.

In my reality, everything is perfect; the lovely home I get to ‘live’ in, the amazing friends in my life, my loving dad, the meadows and canal near my lovely house, the food in my fridge and fruit on the side, the plants on my windowsill, and finally of course, nature and all that Mother Earth births and provides.

All is well in my life and I deserve all good things coming my way. And they will come my way, because my consciousness is making sure of that.

And yours can too. It is, in fact. Every second our consciousness is putting thoughts and vibrations out there in order to get us what we want.

We as humans were given the true gift of creative thinking.  What we think, we create. Simple as. This is our basic human gift, and it’s capable of changing the world. And EVERYBODY can help!

Just imagine in an alternate reality somewhere, aliens visit us on Earth and put our trains of thought on the same frequencies. So everybody in the world is in tune with everyone else. And we can all feel each others emotions, from one person to the next.

And then we use our consciousness to alter the reality: our feelings change so our thinking changes. We want more for ourselves and the others whose emotions we feel. We want to put things right.

So we all collectively as ONE, pray or meditate or affirm or wish or just simply shout out loud!…shout out loud what we all want. And the world began to change.

In this alternate reality, our collective consciousness comes together to change the world for the better. And it works.

So why can’t we do that in THIS ‘reality’? Here and now. Why don’t we all become as one?

Our thoughts manifest as our reality. The law of attraction in its simplest, most perfect form.

So I’m thankful for this world and the powers I have here. We as humans are very lucky beings. Poor to rich, every single one of us is of fantastic fortune.

Thank you, universe. For making everything complete.


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