Twin Flames; hot on the tail?


Sometimes when I get in bed at night and stare at the empty pillow next to me, I feel a longing for somebody I feel I already know, but haven’t yet met. At least not in this lifetime.

But that’s OK, because if I’m meant to, eventually I’ll be drawn to that person and vice versa.

But it can suck,  all that wasted space in the bed. Though I guess on the plus side I don’t have to worry about that said person’s comfort or temperature. Nor being tied to a bedtime routine with another person.

Who am I kidding? I’d love to meet my twin flame in THIS lifetime. I feel we could utilise each other’s strengths in this revolutionary age. But again… If it’s meant to happen in this lifetime, it will. But if I continue creating my own reality as I want it… then doesn’t that make it meant to be?


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