The Shift Key


Today marked another notch on the life cycle I consciously witness every day now. Today was one of those remarkable,  shift in consciousness- feel the vibrations of your body- kind of days. Where one takes another step closer to the light.

It’s as if one can almost feel the Earth itself shift. Today more and more answers were given (or found). And I feel a shift closer to enlightenment.

The sky above has been almost black for the past few nights.  There’ve also been chemtrails. I’ve gazed up looking for the moon multiple nights but it continues to hide (or be hidden). I’m so thankful for that amazing ‘light bulb’ in the sky.

Today one of my much less (close to zero) enlightened friends finally asked the big question (meaning of life) and even delved actively into why are we here’s and then the unavoidable.. (what’s the point).

So I advised to think not so much about why we’re here, but more about the reasons we’re not here: example 1) We are not here to voluntarily (economically) enslave ourselves. My friend works a despised job Monday to Friday 9-5 and lives for the weekend blow out.

But it was truly warming to see somebody literally open the door to their future thinking.

I also experienced more enlightening and intriguing feats today,  hence the tingles on the skin from feeling the further shift in collective consciousness. So I truly feel positive vibrations toward the future this moment. And I’m embracing every moment.

These are such exciting times.


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