Cornflakes and Chemtrails


Good morning, World.

I greet you like a Facebook status and with a tissue to withhold the fresh snot streaming from my nostrils as summer and it’s main signifier,  hayfever,  draw closer.

Yesterday I awoke to a beautiful blue sky, bombarded with streaks of chemtrails imposing themselves on to the neighbourhood as if they own the world. But that’s irrelevant this morning. As I hold faith the perpetrators will face their ‘punishment’ (for want of a better word) some day. They will certainly reap what they sow, let’s say.

So yesterday that morning visual set me up for a whole day of the ‘there are so many things against us’ attitude/ viewpoint.

Today however I am going to roll out of bed, prepare myself a fruit smoothie and stand in the back garden admiring the beautiful sky, whatever it’s colour and chemical state today.

Whatever is, is, and whatever will be, will very much be. For today at least, I’m just going to enjoy the ride.



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