Struggling With Purpose


One of the most pondered questions of existence; why are we here?

Asked by many people everyday of their lives. I struggle daily with trying to figure out what my purpose is.

Often I look for clues or acknowledge certain instances that occur and search for clues from the universe.

I’m quite an opinionated person and have always wished for a better world, through means of a better humanity. And have recently been “spamming”, if you like, my Facebook feed with truths about the world I feel people should know about. 

I don’t wish to annoy anybody or ruin their day when I’m constantly reminding them of the innumerable injustices in the world.  But all I’m really doing is informing them.  I often get the feeling most don’t appreciate this,  but they should know.  Whether they choose to continue ignoring it is their choice and their perogative. Spam or no spam, I put up with their ridiculous spam every day talking about their diet or relationship or mother’s Sunday roast. And I choose to ignore a lot of that,  so it clearly works both ways.

But informing people of universal truths and world injustices can only do so much. I know I should be actively out there,  changing myself and things for the better. Increasing and spreading vibrations is meaningful, but helping mankind and caring for nature are amazingly fulfilling.

Did I just answer my own question?


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