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Twin Flames; hot on the tail?


Sometimes when I get in bed at night and stare at the empty pillow next to me, I feel a longing for somebody I feel I already know, but haven’t yet met. At least not in this lifetime.

But that’s OK, because if I’m meant to, eventually I’ll be drawn to that person and vice versa.

But it can suck,  all that wasted space in the bed. Though I guess on the plus side I don’t have to worry about that said person’s comfort or temperature. Nor being tied to a bedtime routine with another person.

Who am I kidding? I’d love to meet my twin flame in THIS lifetime. I feel we could utilise each other’s strengths in this revolutionary age. But again… If it’s meant to happen in this lifetime, it will. But if I continue creating my own reality as I want it… then doesn’t that make it meant to be?


The Shift Key


Today marked another notch on the life cycle I consciously witness every day now. Today was one of those remarkable,  shift in consciousness- feel the vibrations of your body- kind of days. Where one takes another step closer to the light.

It’s as if one can almost feel the Earth itself shift. Today more and more answers were given (or found). And I feel a shift closer to enlightenment.

The sky above has been almost black for the past few nights.  There’ve also been chemtrails. I’ve gazed up looking for the moon multiple nights but it continues to hide (or be hidden). I’m so thankful for that amazing ‘light bulb’ in the sky.

Today one of my much less (close to zero) enlightened friends finally asked the big question (meaning of life) and even delved actively into why are we here’s and then the unavoidable.. (what’s the point).

So I advised to think not so much about why we’re here, but more about the reasons we’re not here: example 1) We are not here to voluntarily (economically) enslave ourselves. My friend works a despised job Monday to Friday 9-5 and lives for the weekend blow out.

But it was truly warming to see somebody literally open the door to their future thinking.

I also experienced more enlightening and intriguing feats today,  hence the tingles on the skin from feeling the further shift in collective consciousness. So I truly feel positive vibrations toward the future this moment. And I’m embracing every moment.

These are such exciting times.

God: You are, and remain, a part of me.


Prayer is something that has been a part of my life from a very young age.  This was, however, all through institutions such as school forcing it upon me. Making me join in singing songs about God and praying in assembly. “He’s got the whole world, in his hands,” we’d sing.

There is nothing wrong with encouraging children to understand and connect with the magic of God. But when the ‘teachers’ don’t even know about, know what, or know why they are teaching, then this is when things get misty.

It didn’t take me long to ‘figure out’ what I was being taught was tosh. And it took even less time to come to the conclusion that there is no God and the belief in otherwise was, well, unintelligible.  It just couldn’t make sense in my head- a human-like Lord who resides in the sky and impregnated a virgin (unconsented also by the sounds of it), who punishes the bad and rewards the good.

But nobody, ever,  taught me it was all a metaphor. Not even tried. It was either God is and you’re religious,  or God isn’t and you’re atheist. I was always fascinated with the middle ground.

So very recently I’ve started praying again. Only actually meaning it.  Meaning to have a conversation with God. But tonight I sort of stopped midflow,  deflated at the realisation that God isn’t anything really, no all powerful,  seeing,  caring entity that will always be there to make sure I’m OK. No, that’s my responsibility. It dawned on me that when speaking to God, I am not speaking to a seperate being, but merely speaking to myself. Whether you want to call it soul or Higher Self, or whatever. But we are really just speaking to ourselves when we pray. Because if we are all One, this is the only possibility.

So as this thought sort of washed over me in what could almost be described as disappointment,  that tiny voice that we all hear (but don’t all acknowledge), whispered to me: You are, and remain,  a part of me.

I don’t know where it came from,  I don’t think I need to.

I just smiled in the dark and said Amen.

Freaking Fad?


I might love Breaking Bad a little too much… but is that even possible? Can there ever be “too much” love?

Well anyway,  I’m currently on my second viewing of season 2 and am literally just enjoying the leisure. The fact that I’ve seen it all before has zero resonance, because it’s so gripping and humorous and well executed I’ve found myself enthralled all over again.

It’s one of those shows that I sit and almost wish I’d written myself. The writing is fantastic and is by far one of the best TV shows I’ve seen. Even when things get so serious, the humour is just totally on par every time it crops up. And every episode is meaty and relevant- it doesn’t feel like a gap is trying to be filled with anything irrelevant.  OK, Skyler White and her whiney melodrama can sometimes leave me daydreaming about a previous scene, but every show has its wife/family unit/love interest/melodrama.

I don’t even know why I’m compelled to write this post. It must be the alpha waves from 5 hours non stop viewing.

Good night, whole dreams and peace to all. Bitches.

Cornflakes and Chemtrails


Good morning, World.

I greet you like a Facebook status and with a tissue to withhold the fresh snot streaming from my nostrils as summer and it’s main signifier,  hayfever,  draw closer.

Yesterday I awoke to a beautiful blue sky, bombarded with streaks of chemtrails imposing themselves on to the neighbourhood as if they own the world. But that’s irrelevant this morning. As I hold faith the perpetrators will face their ‘punishment’ (for want of a better word) some day. They will certainly reap what they sow, let’s say.

So yesterday that morning visual set me up for a whole day of the ‘there are so many things against us’ attitude/ viewpoint.

Today however I am going to roll out of bed, prepare myself a fruit smoothie and stand in the back garden admiring the beautiful sky, whatever it’s colour and chemical state today.

Whatever is, is, and whatever will be, will very much be. For today at least, I’m just going to enjoy the ride.


Hazel eyes and green fingers


Sometimes I spend days at a time at my friend’s house, wanting to go home but not ready to face it. Is it the lonliness? I wouldn’t like to call it that, I’d prefer emptiness.

But why do humans crave company at all? Is it because we’re all One?

Well recently I’ve been growing plants. Both out in the garden and indoors. But all of them are in their very beginning stages. I have a small pot of coriander on the kitchen windowsill which, to my astonishment, has suddenly sprouted out of the compost. When I’d finally made the decision to drag myself home… There they were sat on my windowsill. I saw them before I even got inside the house. Like they were welcoming me back; “hey, look how much we’ve grown!”

Nature is so amazing. Life. What more could we want here on beautiful Mother Earth?

Struggling With Purpose


One of the most pondered questions of existence; why are we here?

Asked by many people everyday of their lives. I struggle daily with trying to figure out what my purpose is.

Often I look for clues or acknowledge certain instances that occur and search for clues from the universe.

I’m quite an opinionated person and have always wished for a better world, through means of a better humanity. And have recently been “spamming”, if you like, my Facebook feed with truths about the world I feel people should know about. 

I don’t wish to annoy anybody or ruin their day when I’m constantly reminding them of the innumerable injustices in the world.  But all I’m really doing is informing them.  I often get the feeling most don’t appreciate this,  but they should know.  Whether they choose to continue ignoring it is their choice and their perogative. Spam or no spam, I put up with their ridiculous spam every day talking about their diet or relationship or mother’s Sunday roast. And I choose to ignore a lot of that,  so it clearly works both ways.

But informing people of universal truths and world injustices can only do so much. I know I should be actively out there,  changing myself and things for the better. Increasing and spreading vibrations is meaningful, but helping mankind and caring for nature are amazingly fulfilling.

Did I just answer my own question?



Another blog just advised me on how to enjoy writing again, advising that I should ‘keep it fun and keep it light’.

Which is great because I think generally with my blog, I’m doing that. I’m not, however, doing that when writing stories.

But anyway. A little follow up on the previous ‘cancer’ post… You gets my point yes?


** **

Don’t Say the ‘C’ Word..


In the past couple of weeks, Western society has bared witness to itself and its wondrous capabilities in the name of charity. I’m talking of course about the ‘no make-up selfie’ nominations and cancer awareness.

Well, my initial reaction (after the endless photos on my Facebook feed became unbearable), was this:



Now I know what some of you are likely thinking- that it was insensitive, harsh or even cocky. But I rarely speak my own words on Facebook, unless it is something I feel extremely strongly about (as this was). I won’t divulge the amount of ‘likes’ it attained, as this is just encouraging the reality that fed my fury in the first place.

Girls posting these ‘selfies’ (I also cringe at that word), are not doing so in a purely selfless way, with just ‘cancer’ at the heart of the post. How can I make this clearer… a ‘selfie’, is just that- concerned with the self. I am not for a second insinuating these pictures were posted with malice or selfishness- I know people were trying to do a good thing and even subconsciously, most of them would not have been aware how narcissistic the whole thing actually is.

There were two things that ground my gears throughout this whole charade:

1. Girls should not be encouraged to think it’s ‘brave’ to post a picture of themselves online with no make-up. To be honest I think this point is extremely self-explanatory, but let me elaborate…

From a young age in this society, girls are encouraged to paint their faces in this crap. They are encouraged to cover up their true image, their true self, and thus their true self-CONFIDENCE, in order to appear either more socially acceptable, or sexually desirable. And do I have to stress, that NEITHER should be necessary. Let alone it then spiralling so far out of control that girls are appearing as heroes for showing their real face without the crap on it.

I know too many people who don’t even leave the house without make-up. This is not an exaggeration, though it probably sounds it to many people (especially males, who probably find it hard to believe girls are so dependent on products to cover up their real skin or eyelashes- a lot of the time FOR the acceptance of the male!). I just think women should be open to living and expressing who they are freely, without loading their precious skin with chemicals (expensive ones at that), in return to serve the economy, support capitalism and appear desirable to the opposite (or same) sex.

There are far too many females in our society who battle with self-issues everyday, and this kind of charade only serves and encourages that. Using cancer as a means to promote this concept, and vice versa, just seems paradoxically ridiculous. Cancer is cancer, and make-up is make-up. The two can’t even begin to be combined as doing good for one another.

2. Cancer is something we are already very, VERY aware of. As we are all probably AWARE, cancer now affects 1 in 3 people. That’s a lot of people suffering from cancer. Do we really need reminding that cancer is there? What about the starving children in Africa- in fact, what about the starving children in the UK and USA, two of the most affluent countries in the world?! People are being left to starve by their own governments, the same governments who encourage us to donate our hard earned tokens to cancer ‘research’, one of the biggest, ‘richest’ (for want of a better word) charities in the world. As this (brave) girl finely put…



Perhaps I need say no more on the above point.

But I certainly do not appreciate people’s only defence against anybody who spoke out about this intriguing ’cause’, being that they must not have ever suffered, or known anybody to suffer, from this terrible dis-ease. This is completely irrelevant, and well, ignorant. And of course, it always comes down to ignorance.

Well I’m sorry, but that’s just what it is. It is dis-ease. Human dis-ease caused by the heavy burdens of the modern world. Life is EXTREMELY difficult upon Mother Earth right now. And dis-ease is just one exemplary factor- until we all wake up, learn true compassion and become One with nature and the Universe, we will continue to suffer from such terrible, even deadly ailments.

Until people learn to heal themselves from within first (‘conscious medicine’ is a term I especially like), they will never be able to defend themselves from dis-ease before it begins.

So after a week or so, after my blood had stopped boiling and I had cleansed myself of all the negative energy that was socially rife during this whole thing, I closed the Facechapter via Facebook: