Monthly Archives: March 2014

To Awake Feeling Fantastic and Alone


The journey I have been taking over the past year has redefined my entire ‘life’.

To experience meditation, spiritual knowledge and Enlightenment have not been choices without certain repercussions.

The past four months have been the most redefining so far, and this hippy senses it is only set to become even more intense.

The more I wake up and learn, the more distant I have begun to feel from society.

Not to cause any confusion, I was never really a social butterfly (more like social snail). But becoming increasingly conscious has dramatically changed how I am able to interact with people and how close I am able to connect with them.

It isn’t just new people I meet, but more concerningly people I already know. Close friends in particular.

I have a couple of mature soul friends, but it is still extremely difficult discussing certain matters of the universe with them. And of course any younger souls and the conversation would struggle to even begin.

I’ve witnessed people all over losing the connection they once had with people before they started to become enlightened. Sometimes it’s like trying to get your best mate to remember an awesome memory that they weren’t actually present for at the time, and then being sad and saying, “ohh man, you should have been there! Why weren’t you there?”

Luckily my BFF turned out to be a soul mate and fellow old soul, and we are managing to embrace our internal development together. But there are other close friends of ours that do not understand the transition that is happening.

It pains me everyday that I struggle to help people see the light, especially people I have been extremely close to for almost a decade or more.

But I also remember to embrace what I do have with them, and concentrate on spreading the word of Love as much as possible, when possible.

I’m also pretty sure I’ve lost a fair amount of Facebook friends since all I started posting were Buddha quotes and conspiracy theories. But oh well, I still know there are one or two who listen or understand that I’m just trying to help people wake up and be ready for the coming transition.

If you read this far then you’re likely one of those like myself. And if that’s the case then all I can say is… hello! I’m glad you stumbled upon my thoughts and vibrations and confirmed I am not completely alone.

Although I of course know that too.

In fact, I’m not doing so bad. I do remember not to get caught up in the thoughts of lonliness, because I know we are all connected energetically.  If we wish to reach one another, all we have to do is put our energies out there. The universe will draw us to the rest, and the rest to us.

Namaste guys, and I look forward to seeing you on the other side 😉