The Hippy Who Was Afraid of The Dark


Once upon a time in a small western town, a young hippy – type person began their spiritual journey.

From as young as they could remember, the hippy had always been fascinated by ‘life’ and the universe. As a child they would often gaze at the stars and find themselves wondering why they were so mesmerised. And as they got older the world just made less and less sense. Nothing seemed to work the way it ‘should’.

In fact, this particular hippy found themselves spiralling into a deep depression the more they learned about life and the world.

Sure, there were good times, too- amazing times, in fact. But the darkness would quickly envelope the air once such joyous occasions dispersed.

The six months preceding their 25th birthday, the hippy was going through by far the darkest stage of their short 25 years on the Earth plane. Finally, unable to cope any more, they made the random decision to research and practice meditation and meditation groups.

Upon discovering meditation (‘discover’ is used very loosely as it was more like meditation was simply a memory from a long time ago that returned to the hippy when needed most), they were able to channel their emotions outside of their exhausted body and mind. And there they found a sign and path leading to Enlightenment.

Now there was no reason why meditation was chosen. A bid to escape the cold, empty world that seemed to surround them at the time? Perhaps. But simply, the heart was drawn to it.

After remembering about meditation, the hippy within weeks defied depression. Not only did they pull themselves up from the dark depths of negative energy that are capable of consuming ones soul, they also went on to discover some amazing things about the world.

The Hippy’s mind opened up threefold, if not more. Knowledge blossomed in the brain like a spring flower. And there was nothing left but for it to continue to expand.

This hippy was once a firm atheist, turned agnostic, turned… soulful. The Hippy finally remembered they had a soul. They were not a human being having a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being having a human experience.  Of course!

And yes, of course, along the path of knowledge the hippy learned of many more negativities on Earth, sometimes even not on Earth. But they took this knowledge and they learned from it how to channel their own positive energy to the planet. 

The Hippy learned that in the face of darkness, bad vibrations, negative/dark energy present on Earth, the warmth of love sparks a light bright enough to break through the dark. Even just the tiniest acts of love create spots of light in the dark.

Yes, of course, there are many dark forces to stand up to, but the hippy remembered that was why they chose to come back to Earth and human form to begin with; they knew they were meant to make a difference here, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Quickly pieces of the lifelong puzzle that the hippy was trying to figure out began to fall into place. Almost synonymous, one by one the questions found their answers.

The darkness would sometimes return to try to take over the hippy again, but the energy was shaken off much quicker by the hippy’s ever expanding aura and mindfulness.

At the same time, new questions in life arose; but again, the hippy took from the experiences and made sure to learn something. And one of the biggest, most important lessons they learned was always learn from any experience. For there is nothing more wasteful in life than unclaimed lessons.


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  1. Reblogged this on To The Hippy Van! and commented:
    I’m re blogging this post on impulse, as I’ve just inadvertently stumbled across it. I realised I actually uploaded it a year ago today, and the context is still very relevant to me.

    Although some of those past issues or ‘fights in the darkness’ have been faced, I realise there are some that still haven’t.

    I wonder if today will finally be the day I truly face up to my demons, get the truth outside, and take the first step forward with my life again.

    I want it to be so. I’m going to make it so.

    *Quivers with nerves whilst stomach does somersaults*

    Peace to One and all, and I’ll be back.

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