The Age of Information


The old souls in us understand the implications of the rapid growth of technology that took place during the Pluto in Scorpio age (1983/4 to 1995). Souls born of our generation are generally old souls, and whilst through our teens we embraced the new feats in technology that provided us with mobile phones, SMS, online chat rooms, instant messenger and more, our wise heads simultaneously understand that the creation of such things has been almost detrimental to our ‘true’ society.


But along with the new methods of communicating, excitement came also with the space that had become wide open for anybody who wanted to say anything.

We are of the Age of Information. All made possible by the internet- we are a full-blooded generation of little revolutionaries. We all know deep within us somewhere, we are here to make a change. So we grasped that opportunity. We grew tired of the same old websites and information on the internet, so we started injecting our own. ‘Geeks’ would stay confined to their rooms all night and day, putting together computers or maybe typing up HTML. Some even took their skills to the gaming dimension and created those online games where you typed in every action that happened next (I forget what they were actually called..?)

We made our own videos with editing equipment that was once only committed to the film and TV industry. Technology became mainstream, and so did creation. This amazing power made possible by technology has been the basis for world changing events. The internet has become the most important place in the ‘world’. People now face arrest and prison for sending others negative ‘Tweets’. Anti-gay laws in Russia are currently being challenged and fought, with online campaigns against advertisers who advocate, or do not speak out against, the unjust treatment of gay people in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

People started for the first time ever being able to witness the treatment of human beings in different countries, from all walks of life, some who are attacked daily in a bid for others to take away their human rights. Needless to say most people were knocked for six somewhat.

This is where we fight back. Seriously! We all have the opportunity now. It is not even an opportunity, it is a calling. We can all fight back against the wrongs in our society. Never before have society had free reign of information like the internet provides. Of COURSE there are young souls out there who do not use the source to its real, full potential. Instead they choose to make up lies, or bring other people’s idea down, or ‘troll’. But it is important we remember the truth is out there too! It can be found within the great confines of cyberspace. One must just ask to find it. So don’t forget, not everything a little bit ‘out there’ or strange on the internet is to be brushed aside as ‘false’, or irrelevant. Ignorance is the biggest problem of all!

Online petitions are the new age way- I sign as many as I can for causes I truly believe in. It take less than 30 seconds and can help to make a HUGE difference. Think about down the line, in the grand scheme of things- signing a petition creates part of the process that goes toward changing things for the better.

This is the Third Law of the ‘U’niverse. You get back what you put in. Simple Karma, if you like. But it is a law that cannot be broken. Unlike the phoney laws introduced by other humans claiming their rights to ‘power’ and general rule over society, true laws cannot be broken. And these true laws are the power of the Universe. Politicians and ‘people in power’ generally use laws to inject fear into people, so that their surrounding societies remain docile. They encourage complacency for convenience, when the real ‘C’ word is ‘corruption’.

As old souls we fight on to make a change here on Earth, no matter how big or small it may be. Even if you do not make the huge impact you would like to make right now, you will eventually do so. You will go through multiple lifetimes here before your soul learns firstly that it exists (first Law of the Universe), and secondly which way to go. All of life is a learning process. Learning is who we are, on this Earth right now. We must learn about where we are going, and where we are from.

Of course where we are going is nowhere, and where we are from is nowhere also. But this is just one thought closer to learning who we are (which is of course, nobody).

My real point is, I am GRATEFUL that I incarnated in this lifetime, in this world, in this location, for I have been granted access to the best that technology could ever give, in a generation of such struggle and negativity, and that something is communication. Heck, I was blessed with a dad who could fix and build custom computers from when I was 10, what more could I have needed?!

Truly, I am excited to be part of Earth right now. I also love the South Park episode (‘Earth! Cancelled’) where the boys discover that Earth is really just an intergalactic reality TV show. I always suspected this show knew way too much…


Stay blessed, my friends.


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