Well Baked- The local dessert delivery company


well baked

So to my knowledge my small English town has never had one of these before.

This delicious dessert place delivers fresh home baked goods to your door, right up until the early hours. They’re also cool enough to pick you up a pack of rolling papers on the way.

They do waffles, brownies, cheesecake and more. Toppings and mixtures include Bueno, Daim bar, Oreo, peanut butter and sauce. They are delicious munchies and Well Baked bring them to your door in your hour of need.

Here’s to Well Baked: I wish you every luck and success in business and your lifetime. Your cooking is delicious and ‘customer service’ excellent- the lady in the gillet even apologised for being a little late and wished me a good evening. I felt for her a little in the cold weather.

Thank you for bringing us delicious, cheap, convenient munchies!

well baked 2

Well Baked website

Well Baked on FB


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