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Don’t Know


I can safely say until the past 12 months, I have never had any suicidal thoughts in my quarter of a century lived.

I have had friends who have talked of taking their own lives, each for their own reasons.

I always rejected anybody’s will to commit suicide, convinced they’re either asking for attention or being simply not strong enough.

However, this past year has dramatically changed my perspective. Hence, I am more and more often ‘suffering’ thoughts of suicide.

They are very subtle, very small thoughts, but they are still there. I never had any empathy with suicidal people before.

So now I have reached this pinnacle point, this turning point where my eyes have been finally opening to the real ‘world’ around us. The corruption, the lies, the hierarchy, everything else. I could talk for hours about chem trails or GM foods or flouride or JFK or UFO’s. Or enlightenment or love or ‘God’ or peace or reincarnation or timeless beings.

I have also recently learnt not to fear death. This I believe has had a huge impact on my current state of mind.

So now I am thinking more and more about suicide. Not about committing it, just thinking about the general notion of it.

If we really do exist as consciousness or ‘soul’ forever, either through spirit energies or reincarnation or a hybrid, then I sure look forward to going into the light. The in-between where there’s no pain.




I’ve been thinking about ‘love’ a lot lately.

I have neglected the essence in so many forms the past few years. Or possibly I have thought about it, but all the wrong way.

I’m realising how powerful an energy it is. If love was manifested in its healthiest, truest form, we could potentially change our world.

As a collective just remember; we create our own reality.

MTV acknowledges existence of and ignorance to, sex trafficking, sort of.


So I saw the advert for the 2013 MTV EMA’s in Amsterdam.

It basically consists of that Redfoo guy getting stopped at customs in Holland and searched. Has all types of crazy shit like disco balls on him. Customs guy asks if there’s anything else, Redfoo unzips his suitcase to reveal Miley Cyrus curled up inside.

Now somebody tell me I’m doing too much research into sex trafficking, but does that right there scream legitimite, albeit subtle, social representation? Or is it just me? He is ‘smuggling’ a girl into the country.

The customs guy then nods his head reservedly and lets Redfoo pass. Oh the representation. Spot on.

Just an observation.

Watch the ad here