Reality Check


It is truly amazing how, as humans, we actually create our own realities.

Every thought and every wish is put out there, thrown into the universe for all to witness. Passing along wavelengths as a ball of energy, drawn to similar thoughts and energies. If enough people believe ‘this’ is life, this will become life.

Monday is a drag for the majority of the population. Tuesday is no better, likely consisting of the same thing as the day before. Live for the weekend, those 48 precious hours nipped out of a whopping 168. Then it’s already Sunday and you know tomorrow you got to do it all over again.

…For what, can anybody enlighten me?

Nobody demands we do this. We choose this, by believing ‘that’s the way it is’. Well I advise that is only the way it is if you choose a lifestyle- no, life- that demands this commitment.

None of it has to be this way, for anybody. We are consumed by ego, social status, attachment,  dependency,  consumerism. Obsessed with our external realities, we scramble desperately for a ‘life’ we are convinced is the only way of living. We file along like sheep, always waiting for orders, hardly even thinking for ourselves.

I’m sure if given the choice, most people would not pick this way. But we become devoid, defenseless. We get used to wallowing in a situation and eventually we expect to be in that situation, or a worsened version of it, forever more. And yep, because we expect it, we channel it and our energy attracts it. Easily leading us into a trap of manipulation and control.

Of course we can be free if we want to. Just like negative thoughts attract negative outcomes,  positive thoughts most definitely attract positive outcomes. I will never underestimate the power of the human mind. And if we only use 10-20% of it now, just imagine what we could achieve if we finally, actively opened up! That shit deserved an exclamation mark.


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