Hello, We Are Human


Information is addictive. Craved like a narcotic, a small amount leads to the thirst for more. So, hungry for information, it becomes a path to the most unexpected place in the Universe.

The deeper you dig, the more enlightened you become. But enlightenment comes with a price. To be fully enlightened one must surely be wise to the good and the bad.

The way this world is run, from the top of the pyramid to the bottom, is absolutely vile. It is too vile to be even spoke of any more than is neccessary to inform. The deeds committed by these collectives are actually unspeakable. The information is consumed once and it is enough to last a lifetime.

There is an eruption taking place in my mind right now. I can’t bare the inhumanity I witness all around me, every day. I can’t bare the sight of other humans succumbing to the manipulation,  most without even realising it. 

When will WE wake up?


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