Monthly Archives: September 2013

Syria and Collective Humanity


I experienced a surprising bout of faithful reassurance this week from the British people. An act of collective humanity that has been long overdue.

It came in the form of the decision made not to attack Syria for killing it’s own people with chemical weapons. It is still unknown if it was the Government or ‘rebels’ responsible, though I find that somewhat irrelevant.

A conscious decision was made by the voters to not charge in dicks out, guns blazing. Because we know that will get us nowhere.

I was in Westminster on a one-off on Thursday, so I decided to stroll past the houses of Parliament. Screwfacing all the way past, as you do, and then I came to a bunch of protestors outside, waving banners with ‘NO TO ATTACKING SYRIA’ and the like. That moment filled me with such excitement, seeing people outside those gates, actively saying “NO’ to violence, and in some respects to the Government too. It was truly enlightening. The positive changes people can make amazes me.

And they were right. The situation needs to be observed first. It doesn’t need to be made worse by barbarian acts of violence, something there has already been too much of. Where has it gotten Syria so far? Just to a worser situation. And what will happen if a whole other country gets involved? That’s right, it will get even worse.

I’m feeling a little enlightened by this collective step forward. Of course responding with further violence wouldn’t work, and in reality is so primitive. I feel a shift of change in the universe, just ever so slightly, but so relieving and positive in its self.

I feel peace is coming. Ever so slowly. People are bringing it.