The Last Of Us; A first for terror



So I’ve just completed a PS3 game I’ve been waiting to get hold of for ages. The Last Of Us took me to just over 17 hours of gameplay-a day and a half, to clock. But oh boy were those hours different from any game  I’ve ever played. 

I love the shoot outs and the tactical creeping with the fellow humans. But when that same gameplay suddenly decides to switch up and throw you into a pitch black, flooded towerblock filled with ‘infected’ and the monstrous, mutant infected (the first Bloater almost made me quit because I was so terrified), THEN SHIT gets real. This game scared the absolute shit out of me. 

But gradually I came to grips with my fears and I was able to start enjoying the gameplay and the often beautiful surroundings. Every level was a world within itself and it was hard not to explore every inch of it, even in the face of death. I’d search around all the corners and through all the windows, scavenging for supplies that I knew I needed to keep surviving. I might even find a collectible if I look hard enough.

This game got me so fucking emotionally involved. The script was excellent and I would love to read it one time. The blockbuster effects now common of Naughty Dog (long way since Crash Bandicoot) were stunning and you were really brought into the game on an emotional level.

BEST PART: Ellie and David boss fight- heart attack. (sp0iler)


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