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Channel 4 ‘Open4’ Assessment Day


Yesterday I attended an assssment day at Channel 4 HQ. It was a three-stage assessment along with 20 other hopefuls, trying to get a place on a media production traineeship with one of Channel 4’s production companies.

The first stage was a presentationon on a preset brief, followed by a group task and a final interview. Quality breakfast and lunch was provided for us, which included a BBQ option on an outdoor courtyard. The entire day was fantastic and so eye-opening. The building was amazing- just as cool as you would imagine Channel 4 HQ to be and the staff were brilliant.

I found out this afternoon anyway that I didnt get the placement. Of course I’m so disappointed, but I’m also a little more enlightened from the experience. It was an amazing opportunity and can only have increased my chances of landing something next time, when I’m even more suited to a place.

Just got to keep moving forward.


The aforementioned project that was originally scheduled for August has unsursprisingly been set back. But I have managed to find an illustrator so can soon begin looking at adapting it all together to befit a Word Press blog! 

From: Anon


Following up from the post about Hannah Smith, 14, who hung herself after being constantly targeted on Ask FM by , ‘trolls’, the corporations are now being rolled into it.

It seems Ask FM at first ignored the whole situation completely, only responding when its advertisers started pulling out. Only THEN did they bother explaining about the site’s ‘report abuse’ button, the ability to block people and the ability to disallow messages from anonymous users.

Now before I say this, I cannot stress ENOUGH that Hannah’s story shocked and devastated me when I heard it. People who abuse others anonymously (or not) via the internet are the lowest types of people- so sad to think of- probably the lowest, of all types on the mother Earth. But Hannah’s parents were looking for somebody to blame, and Ask FM cannot be held responsible. True, they did ignore the entire thing until it started to affect them (financially), but they are not the ones to blame. If they have a ‘report abuse button’, the ability to block people and to ban the infamous ‘#anon’ communication, then this to me seems perfectly acceptable (it’s more than Twitter does). I stress again it is a tragedy, and Ask FM’s behaviour after was unacceptable. But we have to look closer to home.

Who are the people who sent the messages to Hannah?
How old are they?  Where are they from? How many of them were there? Or was it just one, obsessive user?

And finally,

Why do these people think it’s OK to subject another human being to such abuse and torture?

Somewhere, along the way, we lost our real morales. Somehow, we all became pussies and can only tell somebody what we’re thinking through a screen. And at some point, the boundaries have been pushed so far that our morales don’t matter any more. Our respect for each other as humans, as fantastic beings on the green Earth, have disintegrated into clouds of nothing. We are supposed to be the superior species, yet we still haven’t learned simply how to love each other?

Why are teenagers like Hannah Smith becoming victims of this society? I’d hazard it’s because we’re letting it happen. The internet is an absolutely fantastic ‘invention’. A revolution. But every coin has its two sides. Either we start getting used to each other, bring some harmony,  care a bit more for another, or we deal with more teenage suicides and face threats like bans on sites such as Ask FM. Of course the two dont pale in comparison, but Cyberspace is a world unto itself now. And where will the ban end up?

You will laugh at your bullies in a few years… honest


Yesterday I heard the saddest story on the news about a 14 year old girl who hung herself after constant online abuse. This included people actually telling her to kill herself.

Then I found out she was from my hometown and I don’t know why this saddens me even more.

When I hear such stories (they are certainly not uncommon), I always wonder how it might have been if the internet had the same capacity for personal attacks when I was 14.

To keep it short, I was submitted to enough to face to face/ behind my back bullying througout my teens, and it did get a bit hard at one point during the peak of MSN Messenger, (lol) but I still somehow always had the strength to ignore and move on. Maybe ‘ignore’ is the wrong word, because words really do stay with you. What I mean is look past the people, to the future. A future of my own which those people will not be a part of. Of course I always knew I would never be the best looking, or even the most satisfactory, but I knew inside that if I let the insults play on my mind, then I’m just as shallow as the people throwing them.

Anyway, it just breaks my heart when I hear such stories of kids with their WHOLE lives ahead of them. I just wish I could shake them (I’m not really a hugger lol) and tell them that THIS is not ‘life’. Yes, you will meet twats EVERYWHERE you go, throughout your whole life, but you will also meet people who grow to care about you, and who you care for back. Friends, lovers, friends kids, dogs, etc. You know. I just want to show them that it doesn’t stay that way forever, and that it really DOES get easier, in fact it gets BETTER. For most people it actually gets very GOOD, great, even fantastic.

When I think back, I actually got bullied by a fat girl and a ginger kid. Typical eh. But they’ll always have their flaws, just like I have mine, and everybody has their own. Whether it is physical appearance, mental ability, selfishness, pride, jealousy or just a hairy back. We learn that these things really do not matter in the long run, and life can be amazing if we let these perceptions of ourselves and everything around us go. If we just live, because we’re here and because we can, not harming others and instead helping, bringing positivity, then that beauty shines through brighter than any pretty face ever will. People can sense it in you. And they really do look past your weird nose and cherish the person inside.

Please don’t anybody give in or succumb to such irrelevant crap. Be a survivor.

World War Z: an oral history of the zombie war


This book is deep. It was so realistic that it felt like it could have come from the future. I guess you would have to read, to know what I mean- 


It was just so… precise. You really don’t have to be a zombie fan to enjoy it, but when you ARE a zombie fan… oh yeah. Can’t wait to watch the movie, but not expecting a mindblower. Always the same deal with book to movie adaptations. Will still highly enjoy though I reckon!

Favourite part: the K9 units and the revolutionary vote won by the Handlers!

The Last Of Us; A first for terror



So I’ve just completed a PS3 game I’ve been waiting to get hold of for ages. The Last Of Us took me to just over 17 hours of gameplay-a day and a half, to clock. But oh boy were those hours different from any game  I’ve ever played. 

I love the shoot outs and the tactical creeping with the fellow humans. But when that same gameplay suddenly decides to switch up and throw you into a pitch black, flooded towerblock filled with ‘infected’ and the monstrous, mutant infected (the first Bloater almost made me quit because I was so terrified), THEN SHIT gets real. This game scared the absolute shit out of me. 

But gradually I came to grips with my fears and I was able to start enjoying the gameplay and the often beautiful surroundings. Every level was a world within itself and it was hard not to explore every inch of it, even in the face of death. I’d search around all the corners and through all the windows, scavenging for supplies that I knew I needed to keep surviving. I might even find a collectible if I look hard enough.

This game got me so fucking emotionally involved. The script was excellent and I would love to read it one time. The blockbuster effects now common of Naughty Dog (long way since Crash Bandicoot) were stunning and you were really brought into the game on an emotional level.

BEST PART: Ellie and David boss fight- heart attack. (sp0iler)