The Smashing of the IPhone Screen


It finally happened to me today. Since the culture of the iPhone (and smartphone) began, I’ve always felt the smashing of the screen is imenent one day.

So it happened today. Right after I finish work on one of the most beautiful days of July at 6pm, and smashhh iPhone bye bye. Of course it still works, so happens I’m typing on there now. But the screen is f00ked. Actually thin I’m getting tiny glass particles in my fingers.

I absolutely love the engineering put into the iPhone. It’s body is so sleek and a joy to behold and look at, but the glasss. Such a risk and downer. And the fact that the whole phone continues to work AFTER the drop, too.

Oh well. I’ve been indecisive about getting a new phone (thinking of Samsung?!), but actually feels like I’m being shown to appreciate what I have, and not what I don’t have.


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