I currently only work two days a week, a Saturday and a Sunday. Which is ‘lucky’ or not so lucky on different levels. 


Monday-Friday leisure time

Have lots of spare time for passions



Takes up my weekend when most other people are free

The job is economic slavery (anyway)

No money


That’s a very basic breakdown, but I’m sure you get the gist.

So anyway, I did my two days this weekend. I feel drained and devoid of real life, as usually happens after being slave driven by a mass corporation repetetively for hours on end, for a tiny amount of money. It’s like the real part of my brain shuts down and I become this robot, called to action.

So since discovering Buddhist practices, I’ve been doing my best to stay calm and positive at work. I’ve actually become a better negotiator with customers when they call up ready for an arguement.

And a couple of my work friends have started to show an interest in the practice too, just from seeing my progression. I don’t try and force any of it on any of them- they ask me questions because they want to and I answer.

What I enjoy so much about Buddhist practices, and other branches of the same beliefs such as naturism, is that they serve to benefit the planet wholeheartedly, one hundred percent. I’ve become so aware of the planet around me since I heard the idea that ‘Mother Nature’- the Earth herself, is ‘God’. I can feel the Earth beneath my feet, right through to my inner self.

So how must it feel to work 40 hours a week in a money-obsessed environment filled with nervous slaves, hungry drooling pigs and the like? I imagine it would be hard to find time for peace in that lifestyle.

Right now I’m sitting in a shed in the back garden. The door is open and the curtains are swaying a little in the breeze. Outside I can see the trees and the grass in the night time. The stillness is next to peace and I can feel the trees on the wind. Just being outside, close to nature, makes all the difference.

I do admit, though- it is hard to get used to the spiders. Guess just gotta get over that one too.



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