I attended a ‘4Talent’ event on Wednesday. It was basically a whole day run by staff at Channel 4 teaching about 140 people different branches of the media you can get into, increasing your skills in workshops, etc.

There were a range of people there but as I expected, I was one of the oldest there at the ripe old 25. So it made me feel rather underachieving, or underachieved? There were like students, just fresh out doing all this kind of local media work and really standing out.

There were also kids just fresh out of school having finished their GCSE’s this summer. I kept thinking, “I wish I’d had the opportunity to do something like this when I was 16 and fresh out of school.”

So now I have to look on and think about everything that needs to be done. I can do everything these kids are doing, but at a slightly more mature level. Which I can only presume should be an advantage, right? Who knows.

Anyway, I’m working on a project that will be posted on to Word Press, by the first week in August. If I have to use my dying laptop to do it, so be it.

It will be a practice look into the world of Word Press. I hope my laptop can keep up. It will.

Peace out to you all.


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