Amsterdam- the West’s Naughty Fairytale


When our plane touched down on the runway at Amsterdam Airport, it was a very heavy landing. The entire plane shook and the passengers jolted forwards. The cabin was filled with gasps of surprise and a little fear- the perfect landing to introduce you to the city of the naughty; it’s one city that certainly emotes surprise and fear, among other feelings.

When one thinks of Amsterdam, it’s usually of red lights, bicycles, cheese and cannabis. Which is pretty spot on for the experience I had. I’m not a cheese fan, but the delicious, fresh smell wafting from the shops was enticing in itself.

Dessert shops line cobbled streets, multitudes of bicycles attached to the edges, their riders having ventured off into realms unknown.

The vibe is instant chill- if you ever need to relax, relax in Amsterdam. Take a boat ride down the canal, be immersed by the grand architecture, pay a visit to the historic museums.

I’ve visited this wonderful city 3 times now, and upon each return home I’m still longing to be back there, like there are lots more memories waiting to be created out there.

There’s something about Amsterdam that’s truly magical- a home away from home and an alternate reality.


N.B. might I add, I started writing this post back in December last year (after the trip actually took place), but I was so down about leaving I couldn’t finish it… and clearly never did. So here it is, right on (stoner) time.

Booking a holiday the day after your house party cos you just need to get out more


I dream of waterfalls
And rolling hills
Dewy pastures
And rocky cliffs

Breathtaking views
Embraced by Earth’s
And tranquility

Offered to us
Through coloured windows
Pupils glistening
Reflections of the soul

Mountains of wisdom,
Emotions vented through
Skin and cells
Feeling warm to the core

May we all pass on
And share the beauty of
The universe, encompassed
with love, infinitely One


Healthy Randdige


This random porridge is a brilliant way to start a new day!


This morning I was nourished by this delicious, random porridge concoction. I’m running low on a lot of food items so I threw in bits of what I had:

Porridge oats
Oat milk/water
Raw honey
Frozen raspberries
100% peanut butter (crunchy)

Hob on medium, heat everything together in a saucepan for 4-5 mins, or until excess liquid has gone. Mush raspberries a little with a spoon, to mix with the oats.

The peanut butter forms a slightly thick consistency on the spoon, but it’s still all good.

My energy levels were boosted all day and I got some extra protein from the peanuts. Plus it’s dairy free! Simple, tasty and nutritious. A class breakfast.

Good morning, merry Wednesday and viva la revolution.


Good morning, all. It’s time to wake up!

Good morning to the doctors and Lawers who support outdated ideals. No more will we accept toxic pharmaceuticals or unfair judiciary. It’s time to wake up.

Good morning to the police forces the world over. You don’t need to be tied to a totalitarian book of rules any more. Fuck the system. It’s time to wake up!

Good morning to the actors starring in daily TV news reports.. you don’t need to put your fear faces on any more, we already know how dark the world can be. It’s the time now to leave the screen and join us reporting on REAL news. It’s time to wake up.

Good morning to the soldiers all over the globe, fighting for false honour. Everything you’ve been told is a lie. Drilled into your mind to convince you killing other humans is acceptable as a form of national security. We don’t need national security, we need love spread around the globe, and no need to fear one another. Terrorism is not a job, despite what your wage slip says. It’s really time to wake up.

KIDS! …you woke up to make it to school. Now wake up a little more: the public schooling system is built as a form of control and indoctrination, in order to mould you into a functional economic slave, perfect to continue contributing to a failing monetary system that ONLY benefits the wealthy, and will never offer ease of living to working (or middle) class people. Stand up. They only teach you how to remember (their) facts and pass (their) exams, in order to enter (their) world of work.. to make more money for them.. It’s time to wake up!!!

Religious ministers… you already woke up when you found God. But was it enough, or did the specifics of your religous teachings conveniently distract you from the real Love, and that we are all God? If not, please continue to spread the word that all religions are based on the same principal and that is to love yourself and one another, unconditionally. If you’re still teaching the specifics of one lone religious sect, it’s time to wake up. Religion serves to divide us, when it should bring us all closer together. Wake up and help others to do the same.

ALL OF YOU, in your office, warehouse, sales, accounting, retail ‘jobs’… YOU’RE ALL HEROES AND ALL WORTH MORE THAN THAT. You were not born to spend half of your life working a job you dislike for barely enough money to get by. There is enough money in the world.. knowledge, resources AND technology for us ALL to live comfortably. Not one of us need suffer any more.

But first we all need to be awake to the atrocities carried out everyday by a miniscule amount of elite who sit at the top, frantically catching their overflowing cash bags before they drop down to us below. An elite who make sure we live in a backward society, where THINGS ARE LOVED AND PEOPLE ARE USED. A system which serves to fuel hatred and division, suffering and darkness. We need to first realise this, then we can shake up the system. And dismantle it. Then we can rebuild on the basis of love, compassion and altruism.

World. It’s time to wake up!!!



Sometimes I’m just inclined to pick up the WordPress app and start tapping out whatever has managed to seep out of the depths and to the forefront of my mind.

Often the most darkest and ravenous thoughts are pushed to the back, but after a while they always surface. And when they begin to trickle through the cracks, pen needs to go to paper, finger tip to touch pad or keyboard.

And then they pour, in a splurge of nonsensical, unrelenting suffering, only understood by my own wired mind, perhaps appreciated by others as poetic, perhaps not. But I’m sure all can relate in some way or another.

Vent, rant, express, bring out all the emotions. And never stop.

A dance with insanity


Out of mind
Out of time
An outline
Of broken home

Confined deep within
Pushing hard without
Divine circuitry
Want to disembody

Don’t want to part
There’s much more
To be done
Upon these planes

Pump pump-
Neurons throb
Divine expression

Acceptance is key
Even detachment isn’t real
But real like what?
Define reality

Close your eyes
And for a moment
Experience absolute
And total peace



Love is the most intense energy in the universe. It can throw us back and forth, hurling us in its hurricanous vortex, beating us side to side. And then it can take us in an opposing gentle touch, soothing us outwards, cradling us as we float peacefully in its enthralling midst.

Love can burn and it can soothe. But we can’t choose who we love. And that is never anybody’s fault, in any instance, no matter what circumstances that feeling may have grew of.

Though we can make decisions that direct us in the more likely direction of love, in the form we most desire. We can make moral choices, about the paths we take. Finding love in the most truest and faithful means is a love that cannot be compared. A love so honest, and real.

Waiting for love and looking for love are essentially one and the same, the only difference being that true love will find us when we stop looking for it.

I hold a lot of love right now. Some of which may be being returned to me, in different ways to what I might have imagined. Though I do believe it is of equal measure.

Love is extremely powerful, I suppose the most powerful energy in the universe. And I LOVE it.


I also still hold a lot of love for this pancake. See how the chocolate melts in the middle?


Raspberry, blueberry, golden syrup (naughty- I was on holiday) and melted chocolate.

Just fold and roll. Cut in half and voila.


Wanna see it again? There you go. Man, I could eat that right now.


Peace out lovers.

A Little Wednesday Hope


It’s one of those times again- for the past week or two I’ve felt my mood dropping as I let myself succumb to the negative vibes around me.

Last week I cried at two Facebook posts I saw- one of a puppy who’d had his leg chopped off and been dumped by a river, and another of a bunch of drowned regugee children washed up on European shores.

If we’re to overcome the darkness in the world, we need to stop letting ourselves be consumed by it. My experience tells me if I cut out the negative places like Facebook and newspapers, I feel so much more at peace.

But it’s easier said than done. As much as I hate seeing such heartbreaking atrocities, something inside me says I need to consume them, in order to retain the fire inside me which it ignites. The fire to INFORM one and all about the way our world works and can be changed for the better.

There’d be less amputated, abused dogs if we all learned (or nurtured) compassion. And less (or no) dead children washing up on our beaches, if governments didn’t bomb the shit out of other countries, or supply them with weapons with which to blow each other up.

I understand everything in life is about balance. But I’m really struggling to find an equal par between withdrawing myself from the horror, and spreading knowledge and light to encourage a change in the world.

All I can do is keep on fighting (I’m a natural keyboard warrior), because that’s what I incarnated on Earth at this time to do. I remain faithful that somebody will be influenced by my words.. of love, hope, peace, unity and oneness. Just by reading this you feel me just a little, so I guess I’m already on the way in my mission. And I hope that itself helps you achieve yours :)


Why Did the Hens Cross the Mountain? Cos they were Brayve as cluck.


Last weekend I stayed in Bray, Ireland for my friend’s ‘Hen Do’- three days of mad ‘girly’ partying stirred up with peaceful beach strolls and lung – busting island hikes.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend, made perfect by a combination of fantastic people, clean air and stunning views.


Such deep, lucious, earthy colours, filling blankets of forest with dewy greens and the like, that invites you in with deep breath, like one giant, leafy hug. So refreshing and satisfying. Therapeutic for both the mind and body, and nutritious for the soul.


Post – spiritual awakening, the end of each new trip I make now leaves me with a new sense of growth and wisdom. Like I’ve discovered another part of myself, within the new pastures I’ve tread. Even if I just go camping for a night- I feel renewed, of sorts.


I’m so grateful for the experience in Bray. And the moment I emerged over the top of that mountain(esque hill), and it felt as if I’d risen over the horizon and sea itself… well, it was breathtaking, to say the least. More than exhilarating… it was nothing short of being on top of the world.


If touring the Earth (or considering it), I’d highly recommend visiting the Irish coast when in Europe. It’s a beautiful country and one I’ll certainly never forget.



"Freedom exists"


(Healthy) Raspberry and Chocolate Brownie Smoothie



Lately I’ve gone nuts for avacado- or rather, been whipping up a lot of avacado and peanut butter based smoothies.

Here I’ve mixed it up a bit- adding a chocolate and fruit twist. Throwing in some raw cacao powder and fresh raspberries at the end really adds an exciting twist to an already healthy (now might I add delicious) concoction.

To make 750ml, just throw in:

1-2 avacados
2-3 bananas
1 1/2 tbspn100% peanut butter
3 handfuls spinach
1 1/2 tbspn raw honey
Coconut water (or regular water)
4 tspn raw Cacao powder
Small handful raspberries


You know the drill- whiz it all up in a blender, serve and enjoy. Pop leftovers in fridge covered for 2-3 days.