Lessons from the World of ‘Work’


The Workplace is a whole different world.  These strangers you’re placed with, on the third dimensional physical plane, seemingly at random.


I’ve really started to realise how much of an actual universal test it all is.

Since having to function through a few working days a week (I sacrifice 2.5 days a week to earn currency tokens, i.e. money) is what I’ve manifested and the current vibration I’m on, I began to accept the fact that it’s all there to help my soul progress.

Everybody there seems to try my patience in some way. Even if it’s miniscule and barely noticeable… There are decent people who you’re more grateful for and actually get on with. But there’s still something about them that touches some nerve.

But I realise they’re all just a reflection of myself. And I get mad because there’s a part of myself in all of their behaviours, and because I feel stuck in a reality I don’t want… but have created myself. I opted in to be an economic slave for this company.

So must begin the alterations; higher vibrations, an increase in love for myself and those I work with. And more gratitude for the job that I clearly did ‘want’ at some point, since I applied for it not once, but twice. Only then will things improve and start shifting toward the kind of reality that I not only attract, but truly desire.



If Time is Relative… Can We Make it Stop With Our Minds? … Clocked It.


If a wristwatch is called a wristwatch. . It implies you can watch time. As does a clock, being named so implies that you can ‘clock’ time. And if you can watch and clock time as such, this must use a lot of energy.. For surely it takes a lot of concentration to watch the entire world changing all of the time?


What is ‘time’? How did it come to be what it is today? Different cultures embraced different concepts of time, and arranged their calendars as so. Some concentrated heavily on planetary movements and lunar cycles.

Our set up of 24 hours in a day… did it just naturally come to be? Or was it strategically put in place to create an ideal in, just one example,  an economical sense?

‘Science’ tells us that time is relative. We understand this as we have all experienced time. It only exists in as far as the subjective experience exists. Einstein gifted this to us with his theory of special relativity.

Even Google’s measurement of one year, 365 days, isn’t actually a whole round 365! It’s actually equal to..


We all know the saying,  “time flies when you’re having fun,” right? When you’re truly enjoying the moment you’re in, living in the present and directing all your awareness to one central, definitive moment (and the next moment, and the next, and the next..), then the concept of time ceases to exist. And only does it reintroduce itself when the said experience ends, or you’re supposed to be “somewhere else” by a certain ‘time’.

That’s why we clock watch at a boring place, like a lame job, for example. And the more you look at the clock, the more time literally feels like it’s not moving. It appears to come to a halt, ceasing to exist!


So imagine if we all lived in a world where ‘time’ didn’t exist as a physical experience at all. Everybody’s actual earthly experience would be far higher… up in the air, as it were.

There are lots of ways for humans to experience time. I personally feel our 7 day week doesn’t work. Definitely not any more. The pressure to work 40 out of 168 hours in a week. If you get enough sleep every night, you’re using up another 56 hours a week.  That leaves 72 hours to actually enjoy life (not including getting sustenance). Can you imagine how fast those 72 hours go, in comparison to the rest?! Especially the ones where you’re bored out of your face. Relative to the 40 working hours,  those 72 will be probably be gone in the blink of an eye.

I’d even propose a mix up of day/night activities/sleeping patterns. For health’s sake.. you know. But that’s another subject.

P.S. if it’s true time is speeding up, as many people of religous faith believe (and those that say every new year “that year went faster than ever”), will it soon be too fast for us as humans to comprehend? And what happens to our bodies and our consciousness at this point?!

I’ll depart at this point. Ramblings can only go so far before they’re lost to the vacuum of space. 😄

Namaste my good people, peace the world over and goodnight.


6 Higher Thoughts on Moving House


Having moved house 3 times in the past 2 years, (whilst also going along the path of progressive enlightenment), it’s really dawned on me to what extent ‘stuff’ is needed in our lives. Of course you know where this is going; it isn’t a huge extent. In fact, for the most part, stuff is pretty useless.

1. I’d estimate 90% of the things I own, I don’t need. Realistically it’s probably higher, but I could list the stuff I do need quicker.

Such as:

Cooking stove/pot
Carving knives
A roof and 4 walls (it could be made from anything, even hemp!)
Plots to grow food
A cushioned area (for relaxing and sleeping)
A blanket
A towel
1 pair of casual shoes
1 pair of walking/hiking shoes
A couple of hoodies/jumpers
A couple pairs of leggings/bottoms
Curtains/window coverings

I can’t think of any more right now, and I’m honestly trying.

2. I really don’t need the following (but not limited to) material items:

20 pairs of shoes
7 black bags full of clothes
Piles of books
Wall plaques
Shampoos/moisturising creams etc

Alas, I stumbled again on thinking of any more…..

3. So what happens to the tonne of items I still have left over, many of which are literally piled in boxes awaiting a place inside my new ‘home’ upon the 3D plane? I don’t even REALLY need the chest of drawers half constructed next to me, nor the piles of cutlery, dishes, plates and pans.

4. So in effect, it seems where those two circumstances meet in the middle, where they must either coincide, or cancel each other out, there must surely be the middle ground?

That middle ground is the realisation that I do need all of this stuff. Upon this 3D reality, within a totalitarian western society, I require a multitude of products, in order to function as a normal (acceptable) human being. I also actually enjoy having little pieces of decor that make my home here feel more comfortable. It’s in my human nature, isn’t it?


Yes, I do reside in abundance compared to many in poverty stricken countries. In fact, in comparison to the rest of the world, I’m a spoilt brat. But within the smaller circle of my city, my area, and many of my friends and acquaintances, when it comes to materialist goods, I am of the poorer sect. For a long time I struggled to meet the financial demands of food and eating; much of which was almost always funded by my bff (for which I’m forever grateful and fortunate).

5. The harder reality is, compared to many people, I have the bare minimum of stuff required to function the barest (minimally) to society.

So I have a couple of smart trousers for work/interviews/funerals, along with a smart pair of black shoes, for the same occasions. I rarely wear any of them, but they’re there on hand, should the need arise. Humorous really.

The same with my clothes, trainers, cushions, home decorating items, furniture, etc. All of it is ‘required’ in this consumer – driven, Western culture that I incarnated into. I work everyday on imagining my dreams into a reality, but now I’m stuck hovering over this keypad, trying to figure out where I want to take it from here.

6. It’s fascinating here on the physical plane; , every tiny piece of matter needs storage space and carrying around to its new location on Earth. But in ‘reality’, none are needed at all. It’s just a fabrication, created by the state to ensure we stay on their endless roundabout; continually working and consuming.

When does it end?

One day.

Though next time round, I hope/plan to be leaving with none of it whatsoever (except my rucksack).


5 Very Simple , Questionable Facts on Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance


BEFORE anybody begins to read this article (whether you identify yourself as interested member of the public, student, journalist, troll or MI5) I’d like to make a small plea.

I’ve taken the time to research, ‘investigate’ and write this, not to cause an uproar, confusion or ‘affect the ongoing investigation’ , and certainly not to paint myself a TARGET on my own head and wait for MI5 to take me out.

I’ve put pen to paper (followed by keyboard to screen) with this for ONE reason, and that concerns the little girl who’s as of yet still unable to have peace, wherever she may be. So I plea:

WHEN YOU read, please hold Madeline deep inside your heart, the whole way through.Please cover her with a beautiful, bright, white light, that will powerfully and constantly send her true love and peace, and will protect her at all times.


My heart is filled with so much sadness when I think about the poor little girl who has suffered, both at the hands of human beings and the media aftermath.

The entity that is the Mainstream Media (I refer mostly to the British), continues in its mission to ensure the British public always ‘remember’ that Madeleine was definitely abducted. Because Kate and Gerry McCann were cleared, remember?

My aim here is not to point the finger at any one person, business, newspaper or Government institution. I’m simply going to list some facts that question the stories that have been put out there. Then you may decide for yourself what did/could have/ didn’t happen with the disappearance of a 3-year old British girl from her holiday apartment in Praia Da Luz. And identify any holes in the stories (there are many, but I’m sure you already know that). Her parents made, changed and withdrew statements throughout the investigation… the investigation which became a Media frenzy from day one… the investigation which included world-reknown sniffer dogs who smelt ‘death’ and ‘blood’, both in the apartment and the McCann’s hire car… the mystery that was swooped upon by the British Government from the beginning… which then became an untouchable subject by anybody other than the mainstream media… the mainstream media whose stories are monitored by the same gentleman that was also appointed as the McCann’s public spokesperson… who was friends with Rupert Murdoch’s son… who sold millions of newspapers over the story… which never once published any relevant facts… such as the statement made by the McCann’s friend Katherina Gaspar to Leicestershire Constabulary over concerns of paedophilia within their holiday group…which the police failed to pass on to Portugese officers for five weeks…

I’ll stop there. I’m sure you see how messy the whole thing is. and a lot of the evidence is extremely daunting. So instead of madly pointing the finger or coming to some crazy-ass conclusions… I’ve instead listed five of some of the most relevant, questionable facts surrounding Madeleine’s disappearance. But please remember, as you read, to keep Madeleine within your heart, blanketed and safe in a beautiful white light, as we hope and pray to help her one day find the peace she finally deserves.

1. Multiple holes in the Tapas 9’s accounts

Within twenty-four hours of Madeleine’s disappearance, her parents had changed their story. Which continued throughout the investigation as holes in theirs (and the rest of the Tapas 9) began to develop.

In their original police statement, the McCanns said somebody must have ‘shimmied’ open the bedroom window from the outside, climbed through, taken Madeleine from her bed and back through the window. But, as is public knowledge, this claim was quickly disregarded, as the Manager of the Hotel confirmed there was no sign of forced entry, nor damage to the window. Not to mention Kate McCann’s fingerprint was (the only one) found on the window (which showed signs of recently being cleaned).

Suddenly the McCanns were forced to change their story, though extremely cautious as to whether they in fact left through the front door, or the patio door. Finally deciding on the patio door, this in turn contradicted earlier statements by Kate, who’d at first said it was impossible that, rather than being abducted, Maddie could have woken and wandered off by herself… as “she wasn’t strong enough to open the patio door”.

But if this were truly the case, why, upon changing the story about how the supposed abductor gained entry, did she then state they’d left by the patio door, and left it unlocked… “in case there was a fire.” So, which is the viable story? Let’s also not forget that not long after a Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’ programme about the case, they both officially retracted their statements via their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, who we’ll touch on also soon.

2. The truth was almost sniffed out… then buried

The ‘world-reknown’ blood hounds that were brought in to assist with the investigation picked up two scents in both the McCann’s holiday apartment and the car hired by them three weeks after Madeleine disappeared; ‘blood’ and ‘death’.

These dogs, who had apparently never been found to be wrong, picked up these scents. The smell of blood was also present on Madeleine’s ‘Cuddle Cat’ soft toy, which Kate proceeded in washing (what about potential DNA evidence?) and then kept with her wherever she went. The couple simply brushed off the findings by saying the dogs simply “aren’t reliable”. In who’s opinion? Well apparently it doesn’t seem to matter, as once British police got hold of the investigation, this ‘evidence’ was disregarded anyway.

3. MI5 and their drive

The heavy and immediate involvement and intervention of the British Government and officials is definitely not to be overlooked. These included, but certainly weren’t limited to, then Deputy Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Jill Renwick (who happened to be a close friend of both Mr Brown and the McCanns) and Clarence Mitchell (of the Media Monitoring Unit).

What was their keen interest? Was it just that the McCanns had friends in high places, or the Government’s concern over Brits reputations abroad? Or did they have a hand in the more sinister covering up of an unthinkable crime, choosing to support and protect the perpetrators?

Screenshot lifted from 'Buried by the Mainstream Media'

Screenshot lifted from ‘Buried by the Mainstream Media’

The gentleman appointed as the McCann’s official spokesperson was Clarence Mitchell, whose job (as confirmed by himself) “is to basically control what comes out in the media”. He was also a good friend of Matthew Freud, the son of Media Mogul (and owner of all our souls) Rupert Murdoch. Handy, to say the least. And we can’t forget just how many newspapers were sold on the back of this story (it was millions).

Mitchell was actually required to report directly to 10 Downing Street regarding any news stories he overlooked (and ultimately controlled). He was subsequently in charge of all the news stories about the Madeleine case, the continuing investigation and anything connected to the McCanns. The stories which of course, aside from arousing speculation (of an abduction), nothing has ever come of.

4. There are two stories of what happened: one is the truth, and the other was fabricated by the Mainstream Media.

The constant bombardment of media coverage (especially in Britain) by the mainstream media, was essentially utilised to convince and continually (even still now) remind the public that this is what happened- there is no other possibility other than she was most definitely abducted.

There's no question about what the British media want us to think happened

There’s no question about what the British media want us to think happened

There barrage of empty reports talking of possible sightings of Maddie the world over- from Germany to Morocco to the USA- are all stories that had absolutely zero progression in the search, or in unravelling the mystery of what happened.

The same tactics were (and still are) used in the US media year on year, since 9/11, to make sure nobody forgets, nor questions the story of what actually happened on that fateful day. They will only ever report what they want you to ‘know’.

5. The spending habits of the McCanns with the Find Madeleine Fund.


The way the McCanns used the money for the ‘search’ is highly suspect. Millions were raised (mostly from donations by the goodwill of the public) for the Find Madeleine Fund, which is actually not a charity, but registered as a Private Company.

Most of this money has been used towards the McCann’s own legal defence, suing people with an opinion, banning books about the investigation (why?), or the hiring by themselves of Private Investigators. Investigators, might I add, who aside from the fact that they had already been found guilty of committing fraud and money-laundering, had no track record of finding missing children. Why were they chosen by the McCanns to take ownership of finding their daughter?

Well, perhaps it wasn’t a dark decision made by them but rather the people who now come to represent them. The McCanns no longer seemed proactive in their daily lives or their search, but rather like the controlled mannequins of those in higher power. Is it possible they were granted freedom and allowed to get away with.. something, and now subsequently have to continuously play to whatever actions and behaviours they are told, or they’re forever at risk of the whole charade coming crashing down?

Regardless, the said PI company, Metodo 3, was paid £50,000 per month from the Find Madeleine Fund to investigate Maddie’s disappearance. Before looking for Maddie, they specialised in investigating financial swindles, money laundering, espionage, insurance and fraud. There is still also no evidence to say how they contributed to finding Maddie, although there is a lot about how they spent their money (by majorly upgrading their offices, for example).

In fact, Metodo 3 were so disreputable, they were a team of fully-fledged ‘criminals’, with offences ranging from phone tapping, drugs, guns and illegal spying. They did absolutely nothing to aid the search in finding Maddie, but rather just suggested empty leads to give the press something to chew on (and regurgitate all over the British public). Then, it was revealed they paid a  man named Marcos Correla to lie about her possible whereabouts, sparking a staged lake search- all revealed to be funded by Metodo 3. If that’s not a blinding red beacon screaming ‘”SOMETHING FISHY IS GOING ON”, then I don’t know what is.

But remember, these questionable points are just the tip of the iceberg in this mystery. I urge anybody remotely interested to make their own judgements based on the real evidence we have (although not particularly readily) available. I’ve of course listed my own sources here, but I’m sure there are plenty more facts and sources that have been overlooked.

On a final note, I’d like to thank you for (waking up) reading and considering these points, and ask that you say a prayer, or just a thought with positive intent, for Madeline McCann. And keep hope that one day she’ll be granted the peace she so rightfully deserves.

Peace, love and light to all.





Eddie and Keela the Sniffer Dogs- video

P.S. For those looking for another angle, might we consider the implications of the recent death of ‘McCann Troll’ Brenda Leyland? I personally wouldn’t disregard the possibility that she didn’t commit suicide. But that’s for another time (and I’m just a nutty conspiracy theorist).

P.P.S. If you found this page, you dodged the censor.

What I do @ Work


Working as an economical, slave-driven cubicle rat does get very boring. So sometimes I like to get paid for doing what I love, instead.

Here’s a little poem I wrote in my last hour at work, in an attempt to pass time (an approach to life I don’t like to adopt, live in the moment and all that… but work really does suck):

Dull office lights flicker
As Autumn leaves play outside
No concept of time here makes you bitter
Longing for freedom, but business cannot abide.

Doing nothing.
Trying to pass time.
There’s ‘work’ to be done
But I’d rather flex the rhymes

Enslaved by the economy
Opting in of our own free will
Did we really choose this? Somehow, abominably.
But we continue to obey, our voice boxes remain still.

These rhymes are failing,
As is my patience in here.
Am I still in this job
Through want, need or fear?

I think I know the answer.
But it’s difficult to face.
Economic slaves
The entire human race.

So there you go. I haven’t written a poem since I was a teenager. But I like to get creative in stressful environments. 

Namaste, you beautiful people. And don’t let the system grind you down- we’re all in it together, as One.


Chemtrails, Con-tales & a little Fairytale



First off, I’d just like to mention that I started drafting this post back in July. Now two months later as I revisit it, I just looked up at my living room window and outside I’m greeted with two wispy streaks of chemical crap pasted across the sky.

Ah well. Anyway. When I first stumbled upon the issue of chemtrails, and actually realised what those odd looking ‘clouds’ were, it sent an icy shudder through me. ‘This can’t be real’, I’d think. ‘Our Government can’t possibly be allowed to get away with spraying our skies and letting us be rained upon with toxic entities…’ For all of five seconds.

So the intrigue grew. Daily, I’d gaze up at the clouds with wonder. I began pointing the trails out more. ‘See how they’re different from contrails?’ Suddenly I found myself almost obsessed- waking up and seeing them through the window in the morning. This began to set my days up with negative vibes as soon as I opened ny eyes. Definitely not good.

So I tried to forget about them. Then somehow I found myself finally give in to the movie, Why In The World Are They Spraying?, which until then I’d politely avoided. Like the plague. Until I knew of the film’s existence, I could ignorantly pledge no real knowledge of chemtrails, and that’s how I liked it.

I won’t go into details here. I’ll let you find them, if that knowledge is what you seek. I’ve linked Why In The World Are They Spraying? at the bottom of the page. But to sum up, the facts of chemtrails are far more mind blowing than I could ever imagine. Basically, control the weather, control the world. But I can’t say I’m not surprised, which is perhaps the saddest part.

The movie was actually very good; well researched, informative and fair. And just confirmed for me my fears of what might be behind those feindish deeds in the sky.

But now a couple of months have passed, and I’m sort of forgetting about them. ‘Forget’ is perhaps not the right word; not ignoring… tolerating? More than tolerating…

I think now that some of the questions have been answered (however dark or disturbing), I can rest a little better. I’m at peace with them.

Yes, these are very negative things. But I can match those with equally positive, good things. I can give out so much love and light, even in the face of the darkness, and it will help eliminate even the tiniest fraction of the shadowy intent. And that, I believe, is another beautiful element of our Being, and this wondrous universe we are blessed to be present in.

Peace out lovers
And keep watching the skies! ;)

Why in the World are They Spraying? (Full Length)…: http://youtu.be/90iE4nr4Kfk

Waltzing with Buzz



Breaking Bad is one of my all time favourite TV shows, and one that I love to analytically strip down (no anal puns intended). So many of the episodes (for me) seem to be representing social, cultural and even spiritual values. One episode in particular that always gets me thinking is ‘Fly’ (season 3, episode 10). The never-ending buzzing of that fly, combined with Walt’s intensifying stress and angst, made it such a memorable episode.

To me, the fly represents karma. It is the pinnacle of Walt’s guilt.

Flies buzz around annoying people. Flies eat shit; that kind of karma. If you’re coming back as a fly, you potentially did some terrible things in previous lives. Or pretty shitty to say the least.

Walt was on the edge (as always) wrestling with the possibility that his life was soon to end (or worse, he could get caught – by Hank). His guilt was consuming him, his conscience lost in a haze of almost evil black cloud, barely visible to him any more.

And there is that damn fly that won’t quit; it out smarts him every time. It may only be a fly, but it’s equipped with all it needs to evade Walt’s clutches- superspeed. And so long as Walt keeps missing it, his guilt mounts and consumes him, as he continues down the path of self (and soul)-destruction

But that’s just this hippy’s opinion. I’d love to hear somebody else’s. Here on this barren webspace of a blog!

Peace out, lovers.